Paul Duffy and his Christmas shopping

Oh messy and enjoyable Christmas shopping! Wise shoppers buy more than they need in order to show nice things they bought to their significant others and return unapproved items to the store later, after their hangovers are properly cured.

Paul Duffy (Prenda Law) continues to shop for judges using the same approach. I wrote about Duffy’s judge shopping spree in DC four days ago, and I couldn’t suppress a chuckle when I read forum comments this morning.

Yesterday Paul Duffy filed three new troll cases in the Northern District of Illinois:

  • Hard Drive Productions, Inc. v. John Does 1-48
  • Pacific Century International Ltd. v. John Does 1-31
  • First Time Videos LLC v. John Does 1-43

The latter case was assigned to… honorable Milton I. Shadur (no introduction necessary). You don’t have to be a fortune teller to accurately guess what happened after this assignment:

  • 12/21/2011 CASE ASSIGNED to the Honorable Milton I. Shadur. Designated as Magistrate Judge the Honorable Sheila M. Finnegan.
  • 12/21/2011 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by First Time Videos LLC of Action Without Prejudice (Duffy, Paul)

This looks like a farce. Will anyone stop these comedians?

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4 responses to ‘Paul Duffy and his Christmas shopping

  1. How long can this go on before the judges get *truly* sick of what is obviously blatant forum-shopping? These trolls in Chicago are just wasting the court’s time and money by filing suit over and over and over again, just to withdraw them when they get a judge that they don’t like.

    When you waste the court’s time and money, you are wasting the taxpayer’s time and money. In today’s economy, both things are valuable resources that are being squandered by money-grubbing lawyers who are just seeking a new list of names to harass for quick settlements!
    Please Judge Shadur, stop this mad nonsense, and lay the smack down on these unethical, time-wasting dregs of the system! They’ve demonstrated that they won’t stop on their own, so please take some action and let’s see some sanctions, or at the very least strongly worded letters to the Bar Association!

  2. [sjd – recovered from spam: spam filter was probably drunk]

    I cannot see how this activity is not sanctionable. “Forum shopping,” as it is called in the legal world where an attorney files a case not for proper jurisdiction, but because of favorable decisions in a particular court is something that is HIGHLY FROWNED UPON. Judge shopping? As far as I’m concerned, this is simply disgusting.

  3. Duffy dropped the FTV case immediately when he found out it was assigned to Shadur (thank God for the lottery system). I ran a query on PACER for cases filed on 12/21/2011 by Duffy and didn’t recognize either of the two judges assigned to the Pacific Century or HDP cases. My advice (again) for anyone involved is to just wait it out.

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