11 responses to ‘Putting a motion under seal in a federal court

  1. Putting a motion under the seal in a federal court, how is it properly done, = also if its not granted would the under seal motion be released to plaintiff eyes to attack harder and with higher costs..?

  2. I have filed complaints to the state bar of every lawyer in my case! Everyone should do this! If we all band together maybe we can put a stop to this! Going on an ip address alone is not enough! I was wrongly accused as well as many others and had to pay dearly to deal with it!

    • Snatched? It is still here 🙂 It took me 5 min to print a random motion, setup the scene, make a couple of shots, select the best one and and photoshop a bit. Some people complain about “stealing” and demand tons of money to use their “intellectual property”. I would be ashamed of myself to be such an asshole. I’ve already been paid enough by the excitement of doing it and the pleasures of seeing that someone likes it.

      I made many funny pictures under my real name, and they are all over the Internet, credited or not – I love it.


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