Short break

Sorry for not keeping up. I’m traveling now and will be back early next week. I read everything (Twitter, emails, blogs etc.) but I’m not used to typing long texts on a phone.

Hiking in the forest, looking at the centuries-old trees, mountains and waterfalls, I managed not to think about bad people for the most part of my journey, and I can’t explain how relieved, lighthearted and happy I am.

Yet during those short moments I remembered the legal criminals, copyright trolls, I acutely realized the extent of the harm they managed to inflict on this world. How many moments of peace did they trump during their assault on the younger generation? How many folks felt scared, desperate and depressed because of trolls’ unstoppable greed? This harm may very well be beyond repair for some, and I will not forget it.

I used to compare trolls to insects and worms, but seeing those tiny organisms living their lives, having their important little places in the universe, I’m embarrassed for being so mean to those insects and worms; it is unfair to compare these living, loving creatures to unnatural, greedy and sleazy ones – Sperlein, Steele, Siegel, Dunlap, Stone, Ford and scores of other trolls.

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2 responses to ‘Short break

  1. So glad you found some time for yourself rather than suffering this relentless attack on us by these awful people.

    Your reality and truthfulness is a breath of fresh air, so I hope you get another decent break from this terrible war soon.

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