Carlos Somoza: a perfect target for extortion?

A couple of forum pages ago I wrote about the NJ lawyers who were investigated by SEC for security fraud. These lawyers are Sperlein’s proxies suing Carlos Somoza for copyright infringement on behalf of the IO Group, a gay hardcore pornography producer and copyright bully.

Nothing happened on this case since it was filed in the beginning of May, but a couple of days ago defendant wrote a letter to the court:

Note that some of these scam artists live in million dollar houses and drive BMW’s, yet greedy and cynical beyond imagination. Let this guy go, scumbags!

If you are not angry after reading this letter, you probably have very thick skin. I don’t, and therefore I better stop here, otherwise I’m risking speaking out not the best part of myself and later regret it.

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2 responses to ‘Carlos Somoza: a perfect target for extortion?

  1. OK so the Copywrong Trolls’ actions are now jeopardising the very lives of their targets – whether they suffer from chronic ill-health or a genuine fear of being outed for sexual orientation.

    They’re now risking murder as well as being nuisance, opportunistic Trolls.
    Noted sjd, thanks.

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