Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK)

While CEG-TEK‘s lawyers do some “classing” copyright trolling, i.e. sue masses in frivolous bittorent lawsuits, this shakedown outfit specializes on sending small amount claims (as small as $200) to its victims and direct them to a payment site. This activity includes pursuing amateur sites that post copyrighted images and other shakedown activities in addition to targeting bittorent users. While this page is an appropriate place to discuss the lawsuits initiated by this troll group, attorney Rob Cashman has by far more expertise when it comes to the small amount claims please read multiple article about CEG-TEK by Rob and inquire advice there.


CEG-TEK has its own “expert” (not certified, of course) Jon Nicolini.

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  1. Okay I believe I have a different question than those posed so far. I got a notice like others here from CEG TEK signed by Ira Siegel. It was for an adult video from Brazzers. After reading the forums I understand that there probably won’t be any lawsuits from CEG TEK but what I’m worried about is more notices because I don’t want my wife to see them. She will kill me. The initial message was from my ISP (Suddenlink) when I tried to use the internet. A page popped up with the message saying you did this etc. Click here saying you won’t ever do it again and we’ll restore your internet. Then the message by Ira saying to pay up. I have NOT been to the Copywrightsettlements site so they don’t have my info. So my big question is will I see any more messages from my ISP? When the deadline passes? Has anyone been contacted this way a second time if they have had no torrent activity? Also one other question, I keep hearing CEG TEK hasn’t sued in a while but have they ever subpoenaed contact information? Could I ever expect a phone call or letter if I have never been to the copywrightsettlement site?

    Thank you to anyone who can help.

    • Okay so I ended up talking to one of the very popular lawyers mentioned in many of the forums. I was informed that Suddenlink (charter communications) now no longer needs a subpoena to get your information in that they are voluntary sharing geolocation data. So they can get your address then go to any number of sites like Spokeo and get names and phone numbers then start harassing you by phone or mail. But I haven’t heard this on the forums anywhere. He’s says it’s standard practice now if you go past the deadline. I was just going to ignore but this has me scared. Has anyone here been contacted via mail or phone who has NOT been to the copywrightsettlements site? How accurate is geolocation data anyhow? He mentioned that if your in an apartment it’s hard to get a location but if your in a residence it’s easier. Now I’m even considering getting a prepaid credit card and trying that if it will even work. Has anyone tried that?

      • What lawyer did you talk to? What else did he say? What about making an anonymous payment…how would that be done?

  2. Hi everyone,

    I got a fowarded (CEG) mail from my ISP, said me I downloaded a porn movie (via torrent).
    First time I shitted in my pants… After a few minutes, I did a small research and I found that blog.
    This comforted me a little. Thanx guys!
    First of all, I open the link in the mail with Tor browser (link below) to see what is about.
    They want to me pay 225$ or they will sue me.
    I have until May 6th.
    Actual situation, they have my ip, but not my name etc…
    I changed my ip address (how to change see link below), even if it does not change everything much, but at least it’s done.

    Last thing, if you scared, go to church! I’m joking, I wish you the best of luck!
    And stop torrents or P2P!

    Change ip:

  3. My deadline is approaching this upcoming week and find myself getting more nervous. I logged in to see the amount but didn’t fill in any information. Would it be a bad idea to buy a prepaid Visa card and use that to pay the settlement? I’m not sure I feel entirely comfortable just ignoring it.

  4. Hi…I got a notice from CEG-TEK.
    I am imediately planning on getting a VPN because this freaks me out. I read the blog posts saying not to reply. So what should I do? Speak to my ISP?

  5. I got one for downloading Spin Class Ass 2, this was through Shaw Cable and I decided to pay the settlement, though I wish I would have waited until closer to the due date which was for May 3rd. What worried me was the possibility of ever having to pay more so I paid the $225 settlement. Even though that’s me admitting guilt; if I ever wanted to I could get a lawyer and claim that I was scared into doing it and there was also no bold print in the email to say what my choices really were.

    I have been using CyberGhost and NZB Server but at the time I downloaded I was not secure and it was when using uTorrent.

    • Hey Steve,

      Have you received further requests from them after paying the amount? I’m curious if you give them personal information if they come back at you after that since they have your personal information.

  6. Hello,

    As I read in an article about downloading torrent vs IP, it’s difficult to prove that it’s personally you has downloaded the file. You can say that someone else has used your computer, or you got hacked etc…
    So don’t pay anything!
    The best thing to do is to talk with a lawyer about your case. I know it can be expensive, but there are free law centers, maybe they can help you. Check on google.
    If you scared, talk to a good friend or a family member about that, it can help ;).

    Good luck guys!

  7. I woke up this morning to a slew of emails from Charter stating that they had received DMCA notices from our friends at CEG-TEK (thankfully, I got each email twice so it was only half as bad). I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t do it, because I did. But as I already wasn’t feeling well, my judgement wasn’t the best – I responded to them asking to negotiate a lower settlement, as there’s no possible way I could afford to pay what they’re asking before May 19. Which begs the question – in my terror and haste, just how badly did I screw myself?

  8. Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone in Canada received anymore emails/calls from CEG TEK after their deadline had passed? Mine is approaching soon and I’m starting to get even more worried even though I stopped receiving emails from my ISP several days ago. I only clicked on the link but did not put any of my information. Thanks in advance.

  9. I wouldn’t worry about it in the slightest. Mine passed months ago and not a peep. They just throw out a wide net and hope to catch a few fish willing to pay.

  10. No one gets sued by CEG TEK these days. There is nothing to worry about. They’re yet another extortion company that is on the swift decline. They abuse the DMCA takedown system by putting threats of legal action in them; what you receive is not supposed to be a system for sending legal threats and bullying you into “settlements,” only to say “you’re distributing our stuff and we demand you stop it.” The legal threat has no teeth. Anyone who has been sued by such companies and fought back saw the companies swiftly dismiss the suit to avoid their unethical legal trickery being dragged out in court for all to see.

  11. Ok, so I got one of these emails yesterday, was scared by it and paid the $300 that they claimed for a settlement and late last night i got 6 more claims filed against me and am not sure what to do.

  12. They hope to pray on your naivety. I received a notice, images, they wanted thousands. I ignored them, and haven’t heard a word since. It’s been almost 2 years now.

  13. I was really glad to find this website. I got a notice from these cannibals the end of February. Yes, I’m guilty, I was downloading porn from a torrent site, I’m a bad person, etc. To be honest, I know better than to download music or books that are still under copyright, but I assumed with porn you were reasonably safe.

    Before I discovered this site, like an idiot I went to their link to see how much they wanted. I got a notice that my case wasn’t eligible for online settlement, and I needed to call them or better yet give them my number. Needless to say, I didn’t do either.

    My deadline ran out almost 2 months ago and I haven’t heard anything, but you guys with experience–what are the odds I’ll hear from them at all? Never hearing from them is the only acceptable outcome. My girlfriend and I are on disability and social security, we have no money, they can’t get anything out of us, but I can’t have her worrying about this, with her health problems.

    She doesn’t care if I download porn–“Just let me know if you find anything good”. It’s just the idea of having some kind of legal threat hanging over our heads like that. I was practically vomiting up blood for the first month or so.

    So to reiterate, what are the chances I’ll never hear from these parasites? I should say, this torrent had 30 files in it, so I got 30 case numbers, but all in the same email. If they’re just sending out these notices and hoping some people will be naive enough to call them and pay their extortion, that’s a pretty sociopathic business plan, but if there’s even a 50/50 chance I’ll hear nothing more about it, I can get on with my life.

    Hope you guys can shed some light on the matter. Thanks in advance.

      • My original “offense” was February 28, 2015. The deadline to reply “or else” was March 29. I’ve heard nothing since, so that’s 16 months. I assume if they subpoenaed my records, CenturyLink would tell me. They’re only supposed to retain that info for a year, but it’s my understanding that most ISPs actually keep your records indefinitely, so theoretically they could still come after me, I think their cutoff is three years from the original offense, so I haven’t given up all apprehension, but it seems like they’d better get cracking if they’re going to get to me in time.

        • Thank you so much. Only a few people update on what happened if they did not pay. Your answer is very helpful for people who have similar question. And it really means a lot.

  14. I can only relay what has happened in my case. My son downloaded one porn title, they tried to hit him with several fines for one single download. I did contact my ISP provider since the date/time they claim he downloaded it we were 30+ miles away at the oncologist. This is the same title that I caught him with a year prior, which he deleted and I tripled checked his computer and drives. He never downloaded anything else so they were trying to get him (@ 14yo) to pay several times over for something he had done ONCE a year prior. Needless to say we ignored it and I haven’t heard anything since. The ‘contact us by ______ or face doom’ date was back in December 2014 and nothing from them or my ISP. We’re leaving the state in July so if we don’t hear anything by then we won’t ever.

  15. Here’s my perspective on this, in hopes it will give my fellow downloaders some peace of mind.

    So I’m in Canada where they just changed the law requiring ISP’s to forward the infringement notices to subscribers at the beginning of this year. Like any sensible person I went and signed up for a VPN to prevent the trolls from getting to me. Of course the one time the VPN goes down (i since installed a killswitch in bittorrent), i got three notices for porn files. I could care less who knows I DL porn, but it made me pretty mad so I researched these CEG Tek a-holes. Their business model is to send out as many of these notices as possible, and we’re talking thousands per hour, people. They hit you for downloading porn and scared people who have reputation to maintain (or spouses they lie to) pay up to avoid being outed, then CEG Tek splits the money with their porn company clients. Its the worst sort of bullshit extortion out there and a complete misuse of the notice & notice system. The best advice I can give you once you’ve received a notice is to ignore it. Do not go to their website, but if you do, for the love of God don’t call them, or give them any identifying personal info. All they have is your IP address and they need to file a lawsuit to get anything beyond that.

    The problem with paying them off is that people assume they’ll go away after that. Well guess what happens if you give a mouse a cookie. Once they know who you are (and that you’ll pay up) they’ve got you and they’ll hit you for whatever they can. Most people who settle wouldnt bother to get a lawyer involved, but that’s the only way you can guarantee its actually settled. Once CEG Tek gets the money, there’s no law stopping them from selling your info to the porn company who can then simply sue you or demand settlement again anyway. You have to get a lawyer to make sure they stay away, and that’s assuming they aren’t sitting on a dozen more notices for the other files you’ve been downloading.

    So what happens if you ignore? Depends. If your ISP is one that will provide geolocation data on demand to rights holders, then CEG will attempt to learn who you are by using that. Geolocation for IP addresses isn’t perfect so its unlikely Ira Siegel and his douche cronies will be able to narrow it down completely, and if you live in a condo building or something, you’re golden. Once they determine they cant get your identity, they then have the option to pass your case number off to the rights holder(s). Once the porn companies have stockpiled enough of these, they can (and occasionally have, in the USA) filed mass lawsuits against however many John Does to get the names behind all the IPs. Having done so, they will immediately drop the mass lawsuit and then they have the option to file suit against each individual by serving them a lawsuit with their own name on it. Will that ever happen? Maybe, but it almost never does. This sort of thing is expensive and not necessarily worth the effort even if they win in court. But more good news for us Canadians, the max non-commercial statutory damages here is $5000, and to get hit with that you’d have to be the worst downloader imaginable. At the end of the day, is some porn company going to go to the trouble to sue a zillion people for a few hundred bucks or a thousand each time, and risk having their shady, blackmailing business model dragged out in court over and over? I find it highly unlikely, especially since all the evidence they can possibly have is that an IP address attached to your internet account downloaded their file. Are there more people in the house who could have downloaded it? Case over. Is your wifi unsecured sometimes? Case over. There’s so many variables and at the end of the day they’re the ones who have to prove its more probable than not that you did it, meant to do it, and that they were damaged by it.

    Anyway, bottom line people, if you havent done so already, subscribe to a VPN. Make sure its one with a lock on feature or else install a killswitch program like Comodo firewall. Second, dont settle. If you feel you must settle, GET A LAWYER! I recommend Rob Cashman, he’s a stand up lawyer (and a good dude) out of Houston and seems to be the web’s resident expert on these dicks. Google him, read his blog. You can even email him for a phone appt to hire him if you want. Also check out Michael Geist’s blog for more perspective on the Canadian side of things, and above all try not to stress too much. Sooner or later govt will close the loopholes allowing these copyright trolls to function.

    Peace out homies 🙂

    • Hi xanu,

      So did you ignore the notices? My deadline is wednesday and I still don’t know if I should settle, get a lawyer or ignore. I logged into their website but didn’t fill any form, so all they have is my IP address. And I didn’t called them.

      • I stopped receiving emails from CEG over a month ago and my deadline was over 2 weeks ago. No new emails. I did what you did, went to the site but didnt put any info. My advice is the same as the other peeps here, ignore them, stop the BT activity, resecure your wifi. If you want to keep downloading I would suggest getting a VPN. But it’s best to just stop completely and take this as a learning experience. Don’t feed the trolls. Don’t give them your hard earned money just like that. They want to scare you, but dont be. They are just as much scared of you fighting back and exposing their extortion schemes. Try not to stress out and take care of yourself.

        • Quick question, how does a VPN help? I have a VPN and my VPN supplier forwarded CEG-Teks letter to me, so I still got the note. Im guessing the benefit is that CEG-TEK does not know my personal info?

  16. @Another canadian, yes i ignored them. They don’t know who you are unless you tell them, and in any case I find it highly unlikely anything will ever come of it. If they really want to go to the trouble of taking me to court over 1 file (for me it was three notices from 3 different rights holders so 1 file each) where they’d be very unlikely to receive any serious compensation, then they are welcome to try as far as i’m concerned. They’re trolls pure and simple, and its profitable enough just to make money from scared people like you and I who rush to pay what they demand without thinking it through.

    If you cant risk it getting out that you DL’d a porn, then its up to you if you want to settle. But if that’s the case its pointless to do it without a lawyer. They will not just go away. If you’re really worried, then email Mr Cashman and schedule a phone appt or talk to a lawyer locally who deals with copyright law. Any lawyer worth dealing with will do an initial consult for free. If they dont know what copyright trolls are or try to bill you, go to another one. If that’s what you have to do for peace of mind then go for it, but honestly I think we’re all taking these bottom-feeders way to seriously.

    The industry minister put it out there himself that “there is no obligation for Canadians to pay these settlements”. So why should we? The article that quote is from is below:

  17. I am in Canada and I got an email from CEG-TEK and I freaked out and paid for it, which means they have all my info, if they start sending me more notices and now i read this if I ignore, would they sue me or take me court? Kinda worried….

  18. In my case, I just got a letter the other day. It’s not so bad for me, I think, because the infraction alleged is the blanket ISP of my coffee shop which offers public WiFi like every other cafe worth its beans. All accounts lead me to believe I’m protected by the Safe Harbor clause of the DMCA, as a service provider. No judge has ever faulted a defendant when his only crime is not knowing how to secure his network. It’d be on Ira Siegel to prove that I had a financial benefit from one of my customers downloading a porn torrent. Good luck.

  19. If anyone didn’t pay settlement and it expire in Canada, would you please share what happen after expire? Did you get more emails? Or calls if you expose your phone number, names to them?

    It is better we have more people can share what happen to them after expiration and this will bring more experience to new victims. Any shares will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!!!

    • I live in Canada & I chose to not pay the settlement. 225$CA per title is a bit excessive (I got notices for 3 titles). My deadline expired over a month ago (June 3rd). I reveived a notice from my ISP on May 10th and another on the 19th. Both notices were for downloads occured on May 1st. Didn’t hear of them since.

      What I did:
      – Stopped BT activity, I don’t want to receive any of these notices again.
      – I read all the post on this discussion
      – I read the blog/forum
      – I will get an anonymous VPN/Proxy if I decide to redo BT activity again

      I used that experience as a learning lesson.

  20. I received one from Ira about 3 months ago and my deadline was 2 months ago and I only visited the website to see how much I owed. I never paid and I havent gotten anything else from my ISP. Im in the U.S.

    • Glad to hear… my deadline is tomorrow, and I am going to take a deep breath and wait it out. I didn’t do anything, could not find anything. Freaked out at first by CEG-TEK but have since enabled WPA security on my WIFI (it was open prior) and switched to OPENDNS to block all P2P sites… I’ll take the risk of CEG-TEK coming after me, which I don’t think they will.

      I too logged into the site, saw they wanted $300.00, then left… no personal info whatsoever.

      I hope that this is the right play… From what I hear CEG-TEK and the likes send LOTS of these emails daily… heard perhaps thousands?!?!

    • I just received my Charter Security concern notice. Apparently 5 complaints were lodged. Never got anything before. This is the first one. Surprisingly all my deadlines to pay are already past. More importantly, I didn’t do it. My Wifi was password protected. It still happened. I changed the passwords right away. But I have no what else to do. I did what you did, visited the site to see how much I owed, didn’t do anythin else. Not going to pay, and I am in the U.S. I am a student, so I can’t afford to pay them anyway, dunno if I should consult an attorney. A little freaked out only because this happened, but I didn’t do it so I dunno…

      Talked to charter, they told me as long as I changed my passwords, this should stop. They said they don’t release any info on the customer until subpoenaed. Hopefully nothin else pops up

  21. When using a VPN, anyone you connect to gets the IP of your VPN, just as when only using an ISP they get whatever IP your ISP assigned to you. If you break US law using a US VPN, guess what? You’re going to see same consequences as anyone using an IP issued by a US VPN or ISP. Stop pirating, order Netflix or Amazon costs less than ordering a pizza (if it was porn, plenty of tube sites offer free samples).

      • Yes and no.

        It does not matter if a VPN provider is US based or not. US doesn’t have data retention laws, so it’s provider’s call whether to store logs or discard them. As a result, some do, some don’t (or at least they claim so).

        In any case authorities may order to watch specific IP address, and a US-based VPN will abide. I doubt it will ever happen to investigate peer-too-peer activity, but relying on VPN as a 100% anonymity shield is stupid.

        Even if a VPN provider retains logs, copyright trolls don’t try going after VPN addresses because it increases the costs, thus reducing revenue while there is plenty of fish to shoot in the barrel.

        But some bigger actors (RIAA), whose goal is not to fleece particular file-sharers but to make headlines in order to scare and deter, may try.

  22. It’s been almost a year since my due date came and went. Not a peep from them or my ISP. In fact I’ve moved and my ISP provider didn’t say a word about giving me service at my new residence.

  23. I received an email from LCS Global representing Nordic Images for a picture which was used on my website( by my web developer). They are asking me to settle the case and pay $660 for using their image without obtaining a license. I called and asked them about the proof of copyright and they are giving me the following explanations”

    Hello Happy,

    Please see attached Rights Holder Form and Power of Attorney you requested.

    The image in question is a rights managed images, which have a very restrictive licensing model that limits use of an image to the specified size, type of use, placement, and duration of use set forth in the license. Rights managed licenses are not transferrable or shareable. That is to say, a specific license is required for the use of the image on any given website. Ultimately, the responsibility to settle this case lies with your company directly.

    Images do not need or require copyright registration or notice of copyright in order to be protected. A copyright exists automatically from the moment that a photograph is taken. Federal copyright law does not require us to provide anyone with certificates of registration during an out-of-court settlement. We are attempting to settle for actual damages. Registration are not required with regards to settlement. However, should this case be escalated to litigation registration will be provided during Discovery.

    A valid license is required prior to publicly displaying any Rights Managed (RM) image on a website. You or your company does not have a valid license to use the images in question. All it takes for you to infringe is to post a rights managed image publicly without a valid license. And we clearly have proof the violation of the copyrights law occurred.

    Please contact our License Compliance Team at 1-855-387-8725 between 8:00AM to 5:00PM (PST) Monday thru Friday. We are willing to work with you to settle this matter amicably.

    Thank You,
    Koleta Vee
    License Compliance Services, Inc.
    T: 1.855.387.8725 E:
    605 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98104″

    Could someone please help me see if this looks like a legitimate request of payment or what should I do? thank you so much in advance!

    • To the best of my knowledge, these trolls bark but don’t bite. I.e., if ignored, they won’t sue you. Suing only makes sense for statutory damages, which are insanely high and don’t require any proof of harm. Suing for actual damages (as they say they would), which can be a couple of bucks (unless you run require at least $400 to file a lawsuit plus billable hours — a gamble they won’t likely consider: they are after low hanging fruit of people and businesses who are easily scared into paying up.

      I may be wrong as the web image copyright trolling is a bit outside of this site’s topic. I suggest visiting our brothers-in-arms Extortion Letter Info and inquire there — they know everything and more about this kind of shakedown business.

  24. Found an avalanche of these in my families comcast email address. I wouldn’t be worried about one after reading all this, but having them stack up (over 40) is draining my mental fortitude. Ever heard of similar situations? I believe most of the infringements are from SSC Group LLC, though some are from Digital Sin, AMA Multimedia, Manwin, and others who seem to have been litigious in the past. I wouldn’t be able to come close to a settlement of that amount and my anxiety is through the roof, so any advice is appreciated!

  25. Someone sent a friend of mine one of these letters. I came here to find someone info on how he could handle it. If what you say is true, I thank you for letting me put his mind at ease. Does anyone know the percentage of time that CEG does pursue these lawsuits?

    • dietrolldie website is probably the best since he’s been following since 2010. Ceg-tek has made 0 court cases to date as far as he knows. Malibu on the other hand who handles x-art porn seems to be filing many cases.

  26. I actually paid them and lost $300 today. They scared me saying that I’d be sued over some porn video, which I don’t have the money to survive in a court case and I can’t taint my name with a porn video in the case. Then I looked them up and found this place.
    I’m working with my bank about getting my money back, but I’m guessing I probably lost it. More importantly, they now have my ip linked with my name.

    • I don’t see any benefits to paying them. The only one is you lawyer up and make sure that’s the end of it. Otherwise you can expect them to robocall/harass you down the line for more money. You made yourself out to be guilty and that could be used in court.

    • Did you manage to get your money back? If so, did CEG-TEK do anything about it or were you fine?

      I stupidly paid as well and am trying to get the money back.

  27. Has anyone ever gotten one of these notices but never downloaded the file in question and never used Bit-Torrent? I got 6 emails from my ISP today all referencing the same title, a Kim Kardashian sex tape, and the link to the case number and password shows several more instances of her sex tape being accessed. No one in my household ever downloaded that file! Our wifi is password protected, no one downloads torrents at all in my home, so it’s not like it’d be an accidental file download, and there’s definitely no way we accessed it at all, let alone several times! Should I be changing my wifi password, or setting up firewalls to block torrent sites? Or could it be a virus or malware? How do I protect myself and prove we really didn’t access that file if they ever did decide to pursue legal action?

  28. Looking at a copy of these CEG TEK “Notice of Copyright Infringement” emails I noticed that all of them violate the DMCA since they contain the phrase “This is an automated email. If you have questions or concerns, please visit us at Replies sent to are not read.” near the bottom of the email. Automated emails cannot in any way meet the “good faith” statement required by the DMCA, nor is the email actually signed by “Ira M. Siegel, Esq” or whoever.

    If I were to get one of these emails from my ISP I’d educate them that these emails are 1) SCAMS and 2) Violate the DMCA since they are automatically generated and 3) The ISP is under no obligation to do anything with the email since it violates the DMCA

    These emails operate under the color of law as part of a scam, something most judges should understand. I think I’d take the color of law and fraud tack if I were involved in something that actually went to court.

  29. I just received a bunch of emails the same video from CEGTEK for porn that was downloaded from bittorrent which I did not download. I don’t even have bittorrent installed on my computer and I don’t know if someone else is accessing my wifi or if it’s hacked or anything. I clicked their link and filled in the case number and password from the email. They are asking for $900 I did not proceed any further to give my name, personal information, phone number or any other info. I am really scared this is the first time something like this has happened to me. I don’t understand why I received this notice. Am I going to be taken to court. Please help me with this matter.

  30. Hi I’m from Cabada, So yea my girlfriend got one of these in her email today. Our internet provider is signed up through her email and I used a Bit Torrent one time to download a movie. So of course she sees it and believes they will actually sue. I should have came here first as she already paid it before hand. Which I wish she wouldn’t have done. The email was sent Dec 30th and she didn’t see it until today. I’ve been showing her sites about this stuff but she said she doesn’t want to “play with fire” and that’s why she paid it. So now I’m hoping they won’t be sending her any more emails as it was just one file in question and I’ve not used the torrent since and have since erased it from my laptop. I showed links to articles from this site and huffington post. Yet she still believes that they would take legal action even after I tried to explain that they’ve never pursued with any and it’s a scare tactic. Which she obviously fell for. Hopefully they don’t send her any more emails.

  31. In Canada, companeis like CEG-TEK and Canipre are using the the ISPs (TekSavvy is one that’s made it public) under the notice-and-notice part of Bill C-60 that been in force since 2015. The problem is the notices can pretty much say what they want, though the actual bill puts limits on what damages can amount to. Down south some states are using Canipre data to push for similar laws.,_1st_Session)

  32. I received a lot of emails from CEG TEK for downloading pornography via bitlord. I made the mistake of calling them and now they have my name and are demanding $7200 to settle, i am a college student i dont have that kind of money. the lawyers i have spoken to told me they dont know about these kinds of cases and just tell me to wait and see. what should i do?

  33. I have received 3 copyright violations from CEG TEK. What freaks me out is that I use Private Internet Access VPN 100% of the time, and the TOR internet browser to search for content. My bittorrent client is the current version of Deluge. My antivirus is Avast, and my malware scanner is the paid version of Malwarebytes (which constantly updates itself and scans daily). I have disabled the IPV6/stun server hole.

    I have discussed the matter with PIA, and they have assisted in verifying that my VPN was working properly. Beyond that, they are unwilling to assist.

    Following the notifications from CEG TEK, I started getting numerous alerts (2 or 3 a minute) from the Malwarebytes software, notifying me that they were blocking some OUTBOUND traffic. The traffic started whenever I fired up Deluge. I shut down Deluge, and searched for malware using both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. I also did a boot time full virus scan using Avast. My system came up clean.

    It doesn’t surprise me that it would take several hours for Malwarebytes to identify and block bad traffic destinations. BUT CEG TEK MANAGED TO REACH OUT AND TOUCH ME RIGHT THROUGH MY VPN!

    Clearly, my days of torrenting are behind me.

    Anyone have any idea how they managed to fetch my actual IP address THROUGH the PIA VPN?

    Anyone care to share a techie website where matters like this are discussed?

    Thanks, Chris

    • I never heard about a troll who was able to unmask a VPN user. It’s likely some mundane reason. I’m also always connected via a VPN, yet temporary VPN server/client fails happen (albeit rarely), exposing my IP address. I almost never use bittorent, so it’s not a big deal for me.

      So, they may have recorded your actual IP address once and later simply guessed it was you. It’s a lot of guesswork on their side, they target wrong people all the time.

      I’ll ask around about an appropriate VPN discussion board.

      In any case, these guys are not in the business of filing lawsuits, only scaring people off into paying. So if you stop torrenting and ignore all the communications from CEG looking forward, no matter how scary they are, you’ll be fine.

      Also, visit DieTrollDie’s very active CEG-TEK discussion, if you haven’t already.

  34. I’m not a huge techie, but after I switched from uTorrent to Deluge, I began receiving copyright notices from CEG, even though I was also using a VPN network to do all of my downloading. Like I said, I’m not a techie by any means, but I did notice that Deluge was downloading through several more servers than uTorrent was and wondered if some of those servers were not being routed through my VPN network and as a result, my IP was not being hidden.

    Anyway, not sure about all of this, but the bottom line is once I started using Deluge, I started getting notices, where with uTorrent, once I started using a VPN network, I never got any.

  35. Hi Guys, just wanted to give you a heads-up (a little update), been three years since I got the email from the crooks to pay for downloading illegal, never paid, still good. Never ever used torrent again, though.
    Good luck to everybody who receive their letters, and stop stressing. There is no outcome out of it.

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