Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK)

While CEG-TEK‘s lawyers do some “classing” copyright trolling, i.e. sue masses in frivolous bittorent lawsuits, this shakedown outfit specializes on sending small amount claims (as small as $200) to its victims and direct them to a payment site. This activity includes pursuing amateur sites that post copyrighted images and other shakedown activities in addition to targeting bittorent users. While this page is an appropriate place to discuss the lawsuits initiated by this troll group, attorney Rob Cashman has by far more expertise when it comes to the small amount claims please read multiple article about CEG-TEK by Rob and inquire advice there.


CEG-TEK has its own “expert” (not certified, of course) Jon Nicolini.

Relevant posts
  1. trolled by CEG TEK says:

    Okay I believe I have a different question than those posed so far. I got a notice like others here from CEG TEK signed by Ira Siegel. It was for an adult video from Brazzers. After reading the forums I understand that there probably won’t be any lawsuits from CEG TEK but what I’m worried about is more notices because I don’t want my wife to see them. She will kill me. The initial message was from my ISP (Suddenlink) when I tried to use the internet. A page popped up with the message saying you did this etc. Click here saying you won’t ever do it again and we’ll restore your internet. Then the message by Ira saying to pay up. I have NOT been to the Copywrightsettlements site so they don’t have my info. So my big question is will I see any more messages from my ISP? When the deadline passes? Has anyone been contacted this way a second time if they have had no torrent activity? Also one other question, I keep hearing CEG TEK hasn’t sued in a while but have they ever subpoenaed contact information? Could I ever expect a phone call or letter if I have never been to the copywrightsettlement site?

    Thank you to anyone who can help.

    • trolled by CEG TEK says:

      Okay so I ended up talking to one of the very popular lawyers mentioned in many of the forums. I was informed that Suddenlink (charter communications) now no longer needs a subpoena to get your information in that they are voluntary sharing geolocation data. So they can get your address then go to any number of sites like Spokeo and get names and phone numbers then start harassing you by phone or mail. But I haven’t heard this on the forums anywhere. He’s says it’s standard practice now if you go past the deadline. I was just going to ignore but this has me scared. Has anyone here been contacted via mail or phone who has NOT been to the copywrightsettlements site? How accurate is geolocation data anyhow? He mentioned that if your in an apartment it’s hard to get a location but if your in a residence it’s easier. Now I’m even considering getting a prepaid credit card and trying that if it will even work. Has anyone tried that?

      • really scared says:

        What lawyer did you talk to? What else did he say? What about making an anonymous payment…how would that be done?

  2. GoTo_Fail says:

    Hi everyone,

    I got a fowarded (CEG) mail from my ISP, said me I downloaded a porn movie (via torrent).
    First time I shitted in my pants… After a few minutes, I did a small research and I found that blog.
    This comforted me a little. Thanx guys!
    First of all, I open the link in the mail with Tor browser (link below) to see what is about.
    They want to me pay 225$ or they will sue me.
    I have until May 6th.
    Actual situation, they have my ip, but not my name etc…
    I changed my ip address (how to change see link below), even if it does not change everything much, but at least it’s done.

    Last thing, if you scared, go to church! I’m joking, I wish you the best of luck!
    And stop torrents or P2P!

    Change ip:

  3. Anonymous says:

    My deadline is approaching this upcoming week and find myself getting more nervous. I logged in to see the amount but didn’t fill in any information. Would it be a bad idea to buy a prepaid Visa card and use that to pay the settlement? I’m not sure I feel entirely comfortable just ignoring it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also, has anyone on here successfully paid their settlement without any issues?

  5. spideymtl says:

    Hi…I got a notice from CEG-TEK.
    I am imediately planning on getting a VPN because this freaks me out. I read the blog posts saying not to reply. So what should I do? Speak to my ISP?

  6. Steve says:

    I got one for downloading Spin Class Ass 2, this was through Shaw Cable and I decided to pay the settlement, though I wish I would have waited until closer to the due date which was for May 3rd. What worried me was the possibility of ever having to pay more so I paid the $225 settlement. Even though that’s me admitting guilt; if I ever wanted to I could get a lawyer and claim that I was scared into doing it and there was also no bold print in the email to say what my choices really were.

    I have been using CyberGhost and NZB Server but at the time I downloaded I was not secure and it was when using uTorrent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Steve,

      Have you received further requests from them after paying the amount? I’m curious if you give them personal information if they come back at you after that since they have your personal information.

      • Another canadian says:

        I’m having the same concerns as “Anonymous” has. Steve, can you reply to us please?

  7. CatchFire says:


    As I read in an article about downloading torrent vs IP, it’s difficult to prove that it’s personally you has downloaded the file. You can say that someone else has used your computer, or you got hacked etc…
    So don’t pay anything!
    The best thing to do is to talk with a lawyer about your case. I know it can be expensive, but there are free law centers, maybe they can help you. Check on google.
    If you scared, talk to a good friend or a family member about that, it can help ;).

    Good luck guys!

  8. Total idiot says:

    I woke up this morning to a slew of emails from Charter stating that they had received DMCA notices from our friends at CEG-TEK (thankfully, I got each email twice so it was only half as bad). I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t do it, because I did. But as I already wasn’t feeling well, my judgement wasn’t the best – I responded to them asking to negotiate a lower settlement, as there’s no possible way I could afford to pay what they’re asking before May 19. Which begs the question – in my terror and haste, just how badly did I screw myself?

  9. A canadian says:

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone in Canada received anymore emails/calls from CEG TEK after their deadline had passed? Mine is approaching soon and I’m starting to get even more worried even though I stopped receiving emails from my ISP several days ago. I only clicked on the link but did not put any of my information. Thanks in advance.

    • BangGog says:

      Hi! My dead line has passed one week ago and still no mails or calls or whatever.

    • Another canadian says:

      Did you get any emails/calls from CEG TEK after your deadline? I’m in the same situation as you. Thanks

  10. Tria MacLeod (@Tria821) says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it in the slightest. Mine passed months ago and not a peep. They just throw out a wide net and hope to catch a few fish willing to pay.

  11. nctritech says:

    No one gets sued by CEG TEK these days. There is nothing to worry about. They’re yet another extortion company that is on the swift decline. They abuse the DMCA takedown system by putting threats of legal action in them; what you receive is not supposed to be a system for sending legal threats and bullying you into “settlements,” only to say “you’re distributing our stuff and we demand you stop it.” The legal threat has no teeth. Anyone who has been sued by such companies and fought back saw the companies swiftly dismiss the suit to avoid their unethical legal trickery being dragged out in court for all to see.

  12. hatrid says:

    Ok, so I got one of these emails yesterday, was scared by it and paid the $300 that they claimed for a settlement and late last night i got 6 more claims filed against me and am not sure what to do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They hope to pray on your naivety. I received a notice, images, they wanted thousands. I ignored them, and haven’t heard a word since. It’s been almost 2 years now.

  14. Yes I'm Guilty says:

    I was really glad to find this website. I got a notice from these cannibals the end of February. Yes, I’m guilty, I was downloading porn from a torrent site, I’m a bad person, etc. To be honest, I know better than to download music or books that are still under copyright, but I assumed with porn you were reasonably safe.

    Before I discovered this site, like an idiot I went to their link to see how much they wanted. I got a notice that my case wasn’t eligible for online settlement, and I needed to call them or better yet give them my number. Needless to say, I didn’t do either.

    My deadline ran out almost 2 months ago and I haven’t heard anything, but you guys with experience–what are the odds I’ll hear from them at all? Never hearing from them is the only acceptable outcome. My girlfriend and I are on disability and social security, we have no money, they can’t get anything out of us, but I can’t have her worrying about this, with her health problems.

    She doesn’t care if I download porn–“Just let me know if you find anything good”. It’s just the idea of having some kind of legal threat hanging over our heads like that. I was practically vomiting up blood for the first month or so.

    So to reiterate, what are the chances I’ll never hear from these parasites? I should say, this torrent had 30 files in it, so I got 30 case numbers, but all in the same email. If they’re just sending out these notices and hoping some people will be naive enough to call them and pay their extortion, that’s a pretty sociopathic business plan, but if there’s even a 50/50 chance I’ll hear nothing more about it, I can get on with my life.

    Hope you guys can shed some light on the matter. Thanks in advance.

  15. Tria MacLeod (@Tria821) says:

    I can only relay what has happened in my case. My son downloaded one porn title, they tried to hit him with several fines for one single download. I did contact my ISP provider since the date/time they claim he downloaded it we were 30+ miles away at the oncologist. This is the same title that I caught him with a year prior, which he deleted and I tripled checked his computer and drives. He never downloaded anything else so they were trying to get him (@ 14yo) to pay several times over for something he had done ONCE a year prior. Needless to say we ignored it and I haven’t heard anything since. The ‘contact us by ______ or face doom’ date was back in December 2014 and nothing from them or my ISP. We’re leaving the state in July so if we don’t hear anything by then we won’t ever.

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