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May 11, 2012 Verizon Refuses to Identify Alleged BitTorrent Pirates
May   3, 2012 Judge: An IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Person (or BitTorrent Pirate)

Apr 29, 2012 Copyright Troll Causes Chaos By Suing Fans Without Band’s Permission
Apr 27, 2012 US Music Pirates Face New $150,000 Damages Claims
Apr 23, 2012 Hurt Locker Makers Return to Sue 2,514 BitTorrent Users
Apr 17, 2012 BitTorrent Troll Admits Its All About Making Even More Money
Apr   6, 2012 Court Kicks Out Copyright Troll Who Has “No Desire To Litigate”
Apr   2, 2012 BitTorrent Crackdown Center Prepares to Punish Pirates

Mar 28, 2012 Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Return to the UK
Mar 21, 2012 Judge: BitTorrent Downloads Are Protected Anonymous Speech (Updated)
Mar 14, 2012 How To Catch BitTorrent Pirates, A Trolling Course
Mar   9, 2012 ‘Pay Up Or Else’ BitTorrent Scheme Resurrected in UK High Court

Feb 27, 2012 ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Chases 2,165 BitTorrent Downloaders in Court
Feb 23, 2012 Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuits Stopped Over Unlicensed Attorney
Feb   6, 2012 You Can’t Copyright Porn, Harassed BitTorrent Defendant Insists

Jan 31, 2012 Justice Department Backs RIAA Against Pirating Student
Jan 17, 2012 RIAA Labels Demand Cash from Alleged BitTorrent Pirates
Jan 16, 2012 ACS:Law Anti-Piracy Lawyer Suspended For 2 Years
Jan 15, 2012 Square Enix, Eidos & Other Game Giants All Demand Cash From Pirates
Jan   6, 2012 MPAA Joins RIAA in “Monstrous” Jammie Thomas Appeal
Jan   5, 2012 2011 You Don’t Have To Support Piracy To Hate Bullying & Extortion
Jan   6, 2012 (bits) Busted: Canadian Parliament Hosts BitTorrent Pirates


Dec 29, 2011 15 Percent of US File-Sharers Hide Their IP-Address, More to Folllow
Dec 26, 2011 While Drafting SOPA, the U.S. House Harbors BitTorrent Pirates
Dec 22, 2011 The Witcher 2 Devs Defend Pirate Witch-Hunt With Bogus Accuracy Claims
Dec 22, 2011 (bits) Hurt Locker Makers Subpoena ISPs for Non-Defendants
Dec 22, 2011 Hurt Locker BitTorrent Lawsuit Dies, But Not Without Controversy
Dec 22, 2011 Retired, Computerless Woman Fined For Pirating ‘Hooligan’ Movie
Dec 21, 2011 RIAA: Someone Else Is Pirating Through Our IP-Addresses
Dec 17, 2011 RIAA and Homeland Security Caught Downloading Torrents
Dec 17, 2011 Anti-Piracy Investigator Bemoans Lack of Training, Meddling By Lawyers
Dec 16, 2011 ‘For Dummies’ Publisher Sues BitTorrent Users to “Educate and Settle”
Dec 15, 2011 French President’s Residence ‘Busted’ For BitTorrent Piracy
Dec 13, 2011 Two File-Sharers Fined Total of $725,000, Others Asked To Pay Thousands
Dec 13, 2011 Busted: BitTorrent Pirates at Sony, Universal and Fox
Dec 10, 2011 I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent…
Dec   8, 2011 Copyright Trolls Auction Off €90 Million in File-Sharing Settlements
Dec   2, 2011 Swiss Govt: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal

Nov 26, 2011 BitTorrent Defense Lawyer Joins Copyright Trolls
Nov   3, 2011 (news bits) Yet Another UK Law Firm Admonished For File-Sharing Letters
Nov   3, 2011 Tenenbaum Demands Rehearing of $675,000 RIAA File-Sharing Case

Oct 31, 2011 Major Book Publisher Files Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuit
Oct 30, 2011 The Death Of Anti-Piracy Companies And Copyright Trolls
Oct 25, 2011 Exposed Copyright Trolls Dump Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuits
Oct 19, 2011 ‘Copyright Trolls’ Unite to Prevent Downfall of BitTorrent Lawsuits
Oct 13, 2011 Scammers Try To Trick Cash From Surprised ‘File-Sharers’
Oct 13, 2011 Undercover Cops and Politicians Escape BitTorrent Lawsuits
Oct   7, 2011 Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?
Oct   3, 2011 60 French ISP Account Holders On Their Third Strike For Internet Piracy
Oct   1, 2011 Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Set To Plague Australia

Sep 30, 2011 Record-Breaking BitTorrent Lawsuit Decimated
Sep 28, 2011 NHL’s Montreal Canadiens Accused of Pirating The Hurt Locker
Sep 27, 2011 They’re Back – Porn Outfit Sues UK Citizens For Illegal File-Sharing
Sep 26, 2011 (news bits) IP-Addresses of the Canadian Hurt locker ‘Victims’
Sep 26, 2011 98% of BitTorrent Users In Copyright Shakedown Filed in Wrong Jurisdiction
Sep 25, 2011 Who are MCGIP (and Why are They Suing for Other People’s Movies?)
Sep 24, 2011 $10 Music Piracy Fine: A Fair Deal Or Just Another Cheap Trick?
Sep 22, 2011 Movie Institute Feels Pain Of IP Address-Only Piracy ‘Evidence’
Sep 18, 2011 The Economics of (Killing) Mass-BitTorrent Lawsuits
Sep 17, 2011 Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 File-Sharing Decision Against Joel Tenenbaum
Sep 15, 2011 Canadian Police Issue File-Sharing Scam Letters Fraud Warning
Sep 12, 2011 Lawyer Fined For Defying Judge and Sending Subpoenas to ISPs
Sep   9, 2011 (news bits) Another 5,829 Alleged BitTorrent Users Go Free
Sep   9, 2011 Hurt Locker Lawsuits Hit Canada, ISPs Ordered To Reveal BitTorrent Users
Sep   7, 2011 Judge Decimates BitTorrent Lawsuit With Common Sense Ruling
Sep   5, 2011 Lawyer Refuses to Tell Court How Profitable BitTorrent Settlements Are
Sep   2, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Retreat, Drop Another Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit
Sep   2, 2011 (news bits) ACS:Law Boss To Face Disciplinary Tribunal In January 2012

Aug 31, 2011 BitTorrent Grandma Was Wrongfully Accused, Lawyer Admits
Aug 28, 2011 (news bits) Open WiFi and Pirates: Why Copyright Negligence Won’t Fly
Aug 27, 2011 Copyright Infringement and Theft – The Difference
Aug 26, 2011 (news bits) Hurt Locker’s Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit Wounds ‘Bystanders’
Aug 26, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Sue Dead Person
Aug 25, 2011 The Expendables Makers Dismiss Massive BitTorrent Lawsuit
Aug 24, 2011 Evidence Against BitTorrent Users Slammed In Court
Aug 19, 2011 (news bits) EFF Joins TorrentFreak’s Open Wi-Fi Debate
Aug   9, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Accuse Blind Man of Downloading Porn
Aug   8, 2011 200,000 BitTorrent Users Sued In The United States
Aug   6, 2011 2010 Are You Guilty If Pirates Use Your Internet? Lawyer Says NO
Aug   6, 2011 2010 Are You Guilty If Pirates Use Your Internet? Lawyer Says YES
Aug   2, 2011 Bullying Anti-Piracy Lawyers Fined and Suspended
Aug   2, 2011 23,238 Alleged ‘Expendables’ Downloaders Walk Free

Jul 27, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Rip Off Work From Competitor
Jul 27, 2011 10 Min WiFi ‘Theft’ Could Cost Innocent 6,000 Euro Piracy Bill
Jul 22, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Find Cheaper Way To Identify BitTorrent Users
Jul 19, 2011 Suppressed Report Found Busted Pirate Site Users Were Good Consumers
Jul 15, 2011 70 Year-Old Grandma Threatened Over BitTorrent Download
Jul 13, 2011 (news bits) Anti-Piracy Lawyer Has Been A Very Bad Boy
Jul   9, 2011 The Copyright Lobby Absolutely Loves Child Pornography
Jul   9, 2011 MPAA, RIAA Team Up With ISPs to ‘Alert’ Pirates
Jul   8, 2011 (news bits) ACS:Law Boss Is Internet Villain of the Year
Jul   7, 2011 (news bits) Anti-Piracy Lawyer Won’t Pay A Penny To Data Protection Watchdog

Jun 30, 2011 (news bits) More Porn BitTorrent Lawsuits – Try To Keep Up
Jun 21, 2011 Open Wi-Fi Is Not a Crime, BitTorrent Case Judge Hears
Jun 17, 2011 ISP Wrongfully Sent 300 “First Strike” Letters To Innocents
Jun 15, 2011 Canadian BitTorrent User Fined $60,000 By U.S. Court
Jun 14, 2011 File-Sharers An Easy Prey To Anti-Piracy Lawyers
Jun 11, 2011 (news bits) 133,242 BitTorrent Users Sued In the U.S.
Jun 10, 2011 (news bits) Good News for 23,322 Alleged Expendables Downloaders
Jun 10, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Found Guilty of Professional Misconduct
Jun   9, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyers Defame TorrentFreak in Court
Jun   8, 2011 (news bits) ACS:Law Owner Made Bankrupt, Makes Crazy Tribunal Demands
Jun   6, 2011 The Anatomy of a BitTorrent Piracy Settlement
Jun   1, 2011 U.S. P2P Lawsuit Shows Signs of a ‘Pirate Honeypot’

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