Nov   4, 2011 Court Says That Outing Closeted Gays Through Mass Infringement Lawsuits Not A Big Deal
Nov   4, 2011 Court Wonders If Porn Can Even Be Covered By Copyright
Nov   3, 2011 Various Lawsuits Trying To Avoid Admitting That Porn Classics Debbie Does Dallas & Deep Throat Are Public Domain
Nov   1, 2011 Copyright Trolling For Dummies; Publisher John Wiley Sues 27 For Sharing ‘For Dummies’ Books

Oct 18, 2011 Mass Infringement Lawyer Complains About Too Many People Challenging His Lawsuits
Oct 17, 2011 Evan Stone Appeals Judicial Slapdown And Sanctions For Ethics Violations
Oct   7, 2011 Some Good Court Rulings Against Copyright Trolls… And One Bad Ruling
Oct   6, 2011 Court Rejects Liberty Media’s Attempt To Say NY Defendant Can Be Sued In California
Oct   5, 2011 France Continues Mass Processing Of Infringement Accusations: 60 People Get Third Strike Notice… 650,000 Get First Strike
Oct   3, 2011 Copyright Trolls Invading Australia

Sep 23, 2011 Entertainment Industry Now Shaking Down People At $10 Per Infringement
Sep 16, 2011 Appeals Court Reinstates $675,000 Jury Award Against Joel Tenenbaum On Procedural Grounds
Sep 14, 2011 Do The Statutory Damages Rates For Copyright Infringement Violate The Eighth Amendment?
Sep 12, 2011 Former RIAA Lobbyist, Now Judge, Says Lowest Possible Statutory Damages For Single Case Of Infringement Is $3,430
Sep   8, 2011 Judge: Using The Copyright System To Force People To Pay Up Is Unconstitutional
Sep   7, 2011 Needed: Bright Line Rule On Mass Infringement Lawsuits To Stop Copyright Troll Forum Shopping

Aug 31, 2011 60 Year Old Swedish Man Gets Sentenced To ‘Conditional’ Two Years In Jail For File Sharing
Aug 31, 2011 Does The Punishment Fit The Crime? Is Manslaughter An Equivalent Crime To Copyright Infringement?
Aug 29, 2011 US Copyright Group, Hurt Locker Producers Sue Dead Man & Others Unlikely To Have Infringed
Aug 26, 2011 Expendables Producers Dump Entire Lawsuit; Will They Refile?
Aug 25, 2011 US Copyright Group Lawsuits Based On Highly Questionable Evidence
Aug 19, 2011 No, Having Open WiFi Does Not Make You ‘Negligent’ And Liable For $10,000
Aug 12, 2011 Shouldn’t The Infringement Tracking System Used In New Six Strikes Program Be Open To Scrutiny?
Aug 10, 2011 Motion To Quash Against Copyright Troll Explains How IP Address Does Not ID User
Aug   4, 2011 Judge Realizes That Nearly All Of The 23,322 People Sued By US Copyright Group Aren’t In Its Jurisdiction
Aug   3, 2011 UK Copyright Trolling Pioneers Sanctioned For Actions
Aug   3, 2011 Huge Ruling: Court Says Proving Copyright Infringement Does Not Automatically Mean Irreperable Harm

Jul 29, 2011 Anti-Piracy Lawyer John Steele Caught Copying Content From Other Anti-Piracy Lawyer
Jul 19, 2011 Copyright Troll John Steele Insists That 70-Year Old Is Responsible For Porn Downloads… Even If Someone Else Used WiFi

June 13, 2011 From Two Nude Nuns Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits Down To None
June   9, 2011 Judge Reconsiders Allowing US Copyright Group To Shake Down 23,322 People Over Potential Expendables Infringement
June   2, 2011 Litigious Porn Producers Claim People Infringe Even If They Accidentally Downloaded Its Porn Disguised As Popular Works

May 25, 2011 Judge Tells John Steele To Stop Mass Suing Anonymous People For File Sharing
May 24, 2011 US Copyright Group Breaks Its Own Record; Sues 24,583 For Allegedly Sharing Hurt Locker

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