Tips and tricks

Fightcopyrighttrolls is a WordPress blog

This blog is hosted by, and this means that there are certain things I can’t control (for example, I can’t include JavaScript into my pages and posts). There may be a confusion when you hear the phrase “Wordpress blog” because it may refer to:

  • A blog hosted by
  • A blog that is hosted by a blogger elsewhere but uses free WordPress software.
    Maybe one day I’ll move to my own hosting. Fortunately, supports the “data liberation” concept, so it would be an easy move to export all the posts, pages and comments to a blog that uses WordPress free software.

Fortunately, the most important blogs dedicated to fighting copyright trolls (DieTrollDie, Federal Computer Crimes (Rob Cashman) and Anons of Liberty) are also hosted by, and therefore tips and trick below are in most cases applicable to these sites as well.

How to follow posts and comments
To follow new posts
  • E-mail: enter your email address on the sidebar and you will receive an email every time a new article is posted.
  • RSS feed: click RSS Posts link on the sidebar and add new posts feed to Google Reader or any other RSS reader. You can also manually setup your RSS reader: the post feed address is


To follow comments
  • E-mail: you start receiving email only if you commented in a thread and checked the checkbox “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”. If you don’t want to comment but still want to follow a specific thread, don’t hesitate to make a one-word post “Subscribe”: I will remove it in order not to clutter the discussions, but you subscription won’t be affected.
  • RSS feed: click RSS Comments link on the sidebar and add new posts feed to Google Reader or any other RSS reader. You can also manually setup your RSS reader: the post feed address is

Unfortunately you cannot subscribe to all the site comments easily, but you may use RSS-to-email services and redirect RSS comment feed to your email. I use RSS and so far it works for me well — it is free for a limited number of subscriptions.

How to search posts and comments

To search posts and pages (headers and body) use the search box on the sidebar
To search comments, use Google. WordPress does not provide tools to search comments, but all the comments are indexed by search engines, so to search pages, posts and comments use the following syntax: "Motion to quash"


My twitter account. I’m not necessarily follow back, not because I don’t want to! I found it rather dishonest to follow but not to be able to read, therefore I setup my timeline in a way I can handle it.


3 responses to ‘Tips and tricks

  1. I’m a dole in a suit west coast productions vs swarm sharing hash files case # 2012-264-00442
    the court is eastern district of missouri.
    My question is I just received in the mail from an attorney representing me, an anwser by the plaintiff west coast production. Their objection of my defense of motion to quash, motion for protective order,motion to sever and dismiss.
    what would be the best counter to this ? If I need to post this 21 page objection let me know how.

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