Brian Heit


Brian Heit

Brian Morgan Heit, together with his partner Brenna Erlbaum, became a part of “essentially an extortion scheme” (Judge Otis Wright) on 9/8/2015. After a 3-year break, the trolls re-infested California with Heit Erlbaum help.





Firm: Heit Erlbaum, LLP: No website, LinkedIn, Facebook. Founded in June 2015.
6320 Canoga Avenue 15th Floor Woodland Hills, CA 913657
(Old address: 501 S Reino Rd Ste I # 344 Newbury Park, CA 91320 — UPS Store mailbox)
Tel: (805) 231-9798 | email:,

Licensed in: CA (since 2/3/2015, Bar #302474)

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