Art Kalantar


Art Kalantar

Art Kalantar (Artyom Kalantarian/Артём Калантарян) is a founder or Pillar Law Group, APLC, a Beverly Hills firm that in May 2016 took the baton from Lipscomb, Eisenberg and Baker — in handling of thousands shakedown cases “on behalf” of a “barely legal” hardcore pornographer X-Art (Malibu Media). CASD Judge Otis Wright called Malibu Media’s operations “essentially an extortion scheme.” One of Lipscomb’s attorneys, Emilie Kennedy, is now employed by Pillar Law.


Firm: Pillar Law Group, APLC
150 S. Rodeo Dr., Suite 260 | Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: (310) 999-0000 | Email:

Licensed in: CA
Speaks Russian and Armenian

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