Mike Matesky

Mike Matesky has been representing clients in copyright disputes and litigation since 2005. Mr. Matesky’s clients have included both plaintiffs and defendants, and have ranged in size from Fortune 100 companies to individual grandparents falsely accused of downloading movies. As multi-defendant copyright litigation practices have evolved, Mr. Matesky has continually offered creative strategies to provide cost-effective representation in the face of suits designed to put defendants in a difficult economic predicament. Through such representation strategies, Mr. Matesky has helped numerous clients reach positive resolutions, either through confidential settlements or outright dismissal of cases.

If you have received a subpoena notice or are otherwise involved in a copyright litigation matter, please feel free to contact Mr. Matesky for a free initial consultation:

Mike Matesky

Matesky Law PLLC
1001 4th Ave., Suite 3200
Seattle, WA 98154
Phone: 206.701.0331
Fax: 206.701.0332

Mr. Matesky is licensed to practice in Washington.

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