John Arsenault

John A. Arsenault attended law school to work in the field of intellectual property. Having his interest piqued after watching Marvel Entertainment resolve a copyright dispute with his then employer NC Soft, John learned that intellectual property was not only interesting but also an underserved area of the law. Once John learned how copyright, trademark, and patent law worked, he chose to take additional science courses during law school to qualify for the patent bar.

Having a lot of experience with computer technology and the internet gives John a unique set of skills to analyze Bit Torrent infringement related matters compared to most other attorneys. Knowledge of how Bit Torrent works and the software Plaintiff’s use to gather information on alleged infringers helps John secure dismissals and/or favorable settlements on behalf of his clients.

John has helped individuals and small businesses around the world resolve their intellectual property claims, including defending a Filipino national against claims of piracy by a Filipino television station, defending an individual accused of leaking the movie the Expendables 3 against Lionsgate Studios, defending a Craigslist user against Craigslist regarding allegations of content scraping, and helping a concert photographer recover damages against a web portal that blatantly took his content without proper attribution or licensing.

As counsel for a large Virtual Private Networking (VPN) company, John purposely avails himself of changes in information technology and privacy law to understand how this could affect the law and his clients. If you want to work with a lawyer that understands the internet and how software works, contact John A. Arsenault today.

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