Eric Menhart

Eric Menhart of Lexero Law is an experienced attorney that has represented hundreds of people affected by copyright infringement lawsuits. Lexero Law maintains, which is an oft-updated free repository of selected “troll” style case dockets and court filings.

Eric takes a practical approach to copyright defense, concentrating on the specific needs of each client. Menhart also takes special care to maintain client anonymity whenever possible. Moreover, Lexero Law offers flat fee services in almost every case. Lexero Law’s flat fees are designed to ensure that each client can concentrate on fighting copyright claims; not worrying about the attorney fee.

Eric is licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Massachusetts. He has also appeared pro hac vice in copyright matters in Virginia, California, Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, and more. Because of his experience, Eric is very often able to assist potential clients anywhere in the United States.

Menhart has been regularly recognized for his expertise in Internet law, having been quoted by publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes, making radio appearances on CNN Radio and National Public Radio, and making television appearances on national and local Fox News stations.

Eric may be contacted at You can also call 855-4-LEXERO (855-453-9376) to begin the process of resolving your copyright matter proficiently, quickly, and effectively.

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