Benjamin Justus

Benjamin Justus has assisted hundreds of victims who have been subjected to threats and lawsuits arising from alleged internet-based copyright infringement of music, videos, software and other media. He and his firm, Lybeck, Pedreira & Justus (formerly Lybeck & Murphy), have been involved in actively litigating and defending these and other copyright matters since the height of the content industry’s initial campaign against internet users in the mid-2000’s.

In representing clients, Ben focuses on developing an efficient strategy that recognizes the real challenges that individuals and small businesses face in responding to claims for massive statutory damages. Based on his experience in counseling scores of persons across the U.S., Ben will give advice that is tailored to each individual’s situation. Especially as hard economic times linger, he is proud to offer affordable services and creative arrangements that are intended to be feasible no matter what one’s financial circumstances might be. No one should have to endure bankruptcy, financial ruin or serious distress for an isolated or innocent mistake remotely detected on the internet.

For more information, please visit Ben’s Troll Defense blog, or contact him for a free consultation at (206) 230-4255 or

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