Cases to watch

New York
  • Malibu Media v. John Doe, NYSD 15-cv-02604 (Recap) (James / Sweet, Beckerman)


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    14 responses to ‘Cases to watch

    1. Gonna take a peek at MIWD 13-CV-360 when I get a chance. Looks like a Doe pro se is fighting the good fight and Judge Jonker is getting fed up with Nicoletti.

    2. The MIWD Malibu Media case just keeps getting worse for the troll:

      “In summary, plaintiff has had the hard drives in its possession for 113 days, for an
      examination that should apparently have required, at most, no more than two weeks. Plaintiff has
      offered no persuasive reason why the examination has not been completed or a further status report filed, despite the fact that his expert had found time to work on other litigation, and plaintiff’s
      counsel has had time to file 22 new cases in this court during that period.
      Accordingly, plaintiff’s motion for an extension of time to complete discovery
      (docket no. 35) is DENIED.
      Plaintiff’s motion for an extension of time to serve dispositive motions (docket no.
      41) is contingent upon the previous motion for an extension of time, and is DENIED.”

      This is now the defendant’s case to lose.

    3. Malibu Media v. Greve, OHND 14-cv-02235 is resolved. Apparently a walk-away deal, or a low setllement. It’s not clear if Dahman’s strategy of arguing that Malibu can’t bring suits in Ohio worked.

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