Robocall distribution by state

This poll complements the article about a new low Prenda Law managed to fall: automating their threatening calls.

If you received such a call, please indicate what state are you in: in many states certain types of robocalls are illegal, and you may contribute to a possible action against John Steele and Prenda Law.

Please note that I have no means to learn your IP address. The only way your IP address can be obtained is to subpoena Pollsaddy, a poll provider, and it’s something that would never happen.

Thank you!

Call samples

1. Original recording with a blooper (Victim’s name was inserted in a wrong place, making it appear as he/she works for Prenda: “This is [Name] with Prenda Law…” I replaced the actual name with “John Doe”): Female voice (312) 880-9160 06/15/2012

2. Recording from Texas: Female voice

3. Another recording: Male voice (800) 380-0840 06/29/2012


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33 responses to ‘Robocall distribution by state

  1. Received 2 in CA. 1st call was pre 9AM, 2nd mid afternoon. Case was dismissed without prejudice earlier this year.

      • Try doing a google search of your case number. If any action has happened and recorded as public record, it’ll show up on recap or justia. Of course you can also invest in a pacer account.

  2. we received 2 calls last week as well in CT. unsure what the status of our case is as every time we have looked, we can’t find it!

  3. I haven’t received a call but I did get a packet from Comcast with court papers. There trying to get my ip address saying I downloaded “blumpkin blow jobs”. It’s celestial vs John doe. I’m frm California

  4. We received our first 2 robo calls from Prenda today. First one at 11 am the second one at 3 pm. Each call was from a different number. Sneaky little trolls! The first call went to our answering machine, but I answered the second call because I thought it was an attorney I had contacted. Darn it!

  5. To SJD:

    Do you have a poll breakdown of the robocalls by CASE# to see who the trolls have been attempting to pursue??

  6. What does “we are going to file a law suit with your name in it” mean? That wording just rubs me the wrong way in that it seems like that are trying to cover their butts when they don’t actually file one AGAINST you.

  7. I got 2 calls yesterday. One was a robo, the other was a person who said that they were going to extend their offer to settle because they were “busy filing so many cases against individuals”. Have they actually started doing that?

    • It means that they are putting the latex gloves on and forgoing the lube. Based on everything I have learned here, I would not worry about it. Chances are they are just hoping you will flinch so they can nab you by your balls. Wait till you actually get served in your own jurisdiction before you do anything other than telling them you will fight them in court. It comes down to 2 courses of action you have to decide upon: 1) You settle and it goes away, for now, until the next lawsuit bundle groups you into the next scam, or 2) You stick to your ground and are willing to ride this thing out to the end and that could possibly include court (but as others have indicated, that chance is approx. 0.001%) Now if you are the type of person wherein if there was only 1 dog on this planet and you would manage to step in it’s shit, then settling might be the answer. If you are an average person and could reasonably avoid stepping in the shit of the only dog on the entire planet, then maybe just telling the trolls to blow it out their asses would be better. I cannot make that decision for you. I have already made my decision. I will fight to the bitter end. I will cling to their ankles and drag them down with me into the pits of hell. Why, Well, why not. They are trying to fuck me at a time wherein the economy is about to nose dive. I am not going to allow some parasitic biological malfeasant to attach itself to me and suck my juices out of me. But that’s just me. And we are not all built the same. We are entering a time in our economy wherein we are either going to have to be walking around with a financial baseball bat clubbing off all the leaches, or get sucked dry at every turn. Your choice.

    • As Raul, SJD and others have noted, the amount of Does named in these cases is a fraction of one percent. In some jurisdictions, the chances are about zero. AFAIK there’s been no slew of filings against individuals. Steele/Gibbs/Pretenda were scolded by a judge for never going farther than discovery (for extortion). They did a batch of (Pretenda) filings where it appeared that Does were in a bad position by things said to the trolls or other factors. Naming a few vulnerable Does was the impotent response of Steele and his gang to the judge’s action.

      Remember also that in 300,000 allegations, there’s no evidence of trolls actually going to trial where the merits of their claims would be tested.

      The trolls, including this group, have been using the “extend their offer because…(fill in the blank)” for as long as they have been making these calls. That’s 2 years for these kind of troll cases, much longer for variations of this scam.

      Starving the trolls is, of course, the moral thing to do. Vegas odds wise, if you could make a bet where the odds were more than 99 to 1 in you favor, wouldn’t that be good. The “payoff” would be saving your money and doing good at the same time.

        • the grammar on these recorded calls is so bad its like someone tried to make it sound like a 10 year old writing legalese.. switching tenses, run on or fragmented sentences, sentences lacking subject or reference. Sharp legal minds have no time for the English language I guess.

  8. “we are filing a lawsuit with your name in it” just strikes fear into my heart, so specific and threatening.

  9. I received a letter from Comcast last August. Shortly after receiving the letter, the calls started. I read information on this website and decided to just ignore the calls and NEVER answer their phone calls. I even set up my phone so that the when i received calls from the 2 numbers that always called me went straight to voice mail. For awhile they left very threatening messages threatening filing a lawsuit against me yada yada yada. I held my ground and continued to ignore the phone calls. After a while, the call continued but the messages stopped. From doing some research, I learned my case was dismissed without predjudice in January. The calls did continue after this, the frequency decreased. If you completely ignore them, never answer the phone, never speak to them, they finally go away. I haven’t received a call in about a month and assume that they have given up. It pays to be strong!!!!!

  10. Don’t be afraid of these assholes!!!! They can threaten all they want to. If you notice, most times they only pursue those who try to fight them from the beginning. It’s like they think when you fight them there is a chance that they will get something out of you.

  11. we have gotten, 9 phone calls since this began 6 months ago. 7 of them being in the last month. Our attorney said the longer we ignored, these calls would be more intense until they just give up! We record every call and have saved every piece of paper we have gotten. we are now doing research on finding out if in our state it is illegal for these calls. if it is, then we will pursue this matter! it is annoying but I will be damned if I pay any money to these people!!!

    • 9 calls? Hah get ready for the proverbial great flood. I’ve received in excess of 40. I’ve recorded all but 3 of them. The best part, my case was voluntarily dismissed (w/o prejudice) in January. They keep referring to these letters they sent…I have received none since February or so, again, post-dismissal. Threatening an individual suit, go fuck yourself Duffy. I’m just gonna wait it out because a cease and desist letter would paint a giant target on my ass, which I really do not wanna deal with…ever.

      If you read the Steele thread on here, I believe a Doe in an HDP case (HDP is incorporated in AZ) has filed a complaint with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept. and contacted the FBI Cyber Crimes Unit so if you wanna go that route.

      If you want a good laugh, read about how Clyde Kuehn (likely Steele who drafted the brief) filed a response in the Lightspeed v. John Doe case in IL. They (trolls) wanted to depose the CEO, Chairman, and President of AT&T. These people are fucking cuckoo. In another response, Duffy (again, probably Steele) targeted this community, making a statement under penalty of perjury, and I’m just guessing that he was referring to this community, that we are a “hacking community” and have “posted names and photos of Mr. Jones’ family and house on websites, engaged in identity theft and mounted a publicity campaign against Mr. Jones’ children at the school they attend.” OK, posting pictures of his house, yeah someone did that. ID theft? No, thats a lie. Pictures of his kids? Bullshit, we’re not scumbags like Steele. Harassing his kids at their school? Again, bullshit. These idiots are grasping at straws. Don’t give them ammo.

      • 1. All lies
        2. It is all public info.
        3. They dew first blood!

        They should have never brought all these Does together! “Your” bound to make enemies pretty quickly. I am pretty sure they messed with a couple of wrong does.

        And Steele, you may have dismissed me but I have not forgotten you, My work is not done until I see you fail miserably. You fucked with one of the wrong ones! They are coming pretty soon!

        In the meanwhile, I will sit back and wait. It is going to be epic! Uncle Sam is watching!

    • I’m not a lawyer but believe if you’ve formally retained the services of a lawyer for your ordeal they (Prenda) should be calling your lawyer, not you.

      • They SHOULD but we all know that Prenda should be doing lots of things (and shouldn’t) but aren’t doing them. It’s a very serious ethics violation for plaintiff’s counsel to contact a defendant directly who has retained counsel. I’m not quite sure what the punishment would be, but I’m sure it would be severe.

  12. I’m setting up a google voice filter so that they get the standard message without my name and go straight to voicemail if I get any calls (robo or live). So far, the three numbers I’ve seen associated with Prenda on this site are: 800 380-0840, 305-748-2102 and 312-880-9160.

    Are there any other numbers that people know of that I can block preemptively? Of course, any recordings I get will be sent in to SJD (which will hopefully be none if Comcast gets their stuff together in the IL lightspeed case).

  13. This is assinine! I can believe that a real firm would allow this sort of harassment! My 800 number did not mention Prenda Law, it gives option to press one or call the number back to speak to someone. I’ve heard of a lot of scams but this is unreal. I tried to call my cell provider to block the 800 number but they say they are not able to block 800 numbers. I did some research on the number and found out their scare tactic. That will be fun for them to prove to a judge that I willfully downloaded something that I didn’t. Even if it came from my IP any teenager with a $40 software can connect to anyones WiFi and download whatever they want. Someone can even run software to connect to another WiFi then connect to my WiFi. How stupid can this firm be?

  14. After about couple dozens of these phony calls (manual and robo) I got myself a phone with call block feature. Bring it on, trolls !

  15. Yea I got a call, might be prenda, I can’t tell, indian accent was hard to understand. It was a robo caller obviously which detected my voice and then got some indian guy on the line, very noisy low quality line. Very unprofessional and obviously not from the isp. He tried to ask if I had downloaded music or whatever, basically hoping I’d incriminate myself or something, I hung up on him, but its disturbing they are allowed to continue if this is them.

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