Lightspeed password hacking cases


There are a couple of cases filed by Prenda Law on behalf of a pornographer Lightspeed Media Corp.

Florida Miami-Date county court:
  • 12-05673 CA 05

Illinois St Clair countly court

Southern District of Illinois
  • ILSD Lightspeed Media Corporation v. Smith et al 3:12-cv-00889 — state case (11-L-0683) was removed to the Federal level upon defendant’s request. Dismissed 3/19/2013.
  • Lightspeed Media Corporation v. Lukas Shashek 3:12-cv-00860-WDS-DGW — state case (12-L-927) was removed to the Federal level upon defendant’s request. Dismissed 2/15/2013.

Maricopa County Superior Court (State of Arizona)
Superior Court of the State of California
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Media coverage:
  • ZDNet: Hacker hater: Meet the star client of porn’s “most prolific” copyright lawyer by Violet Blue.

    • Please take an effort to document all the interactions with the plaintiff. Copy and file mailings, record conversations, preserve voicemails. This information may really help in a possible counter-action.
      • This request does not cancel the advice not to answer any questions over the phone. Be extra careful.
      • Mind the state wiretapping laws. Illinois, for example, requires consent of both parties to record a phone conversation, so if you are recording a call, start your conversation with a polite warning and suggest that continuing the conversation implies consent to record. If you reside in a “one-party” state and the incoming call is originated in a “one-party” state or the caller ID is masked, no such warning is necessary. Certainly, preserving voicemails does not violate any laws. Further reading.
    • If you have any documents regarding these cases, please send them to me. If these documents contain your personal information, please redact and scan, or you can just trust me: I always double-check and remove everything, including file metadata, and I never publish anything without your consent, but even if you don’t want it to be published, I’m really interested in seeing it.
    • If you are an attorney who defend victims of Lightspeed/Prenda, please think about how I can help you: create separate pages, make announcements, coordinate/facilitate communications etc.
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    1,059 responses to ‘Lightspeed password hacking cases

    1. in maricopa county in az the LMC vs world timbers shows a “Judgment Of Dismissal ” on 5/8, and in the lmc vs sekora case shows the same on 5/15, don’t know exactly what’s up because the dockets don’t show motions from plaintiff asking for permission to dismiss (in both cases parties had answered and in atleast one i am pretty sure counter claims were filed) so all i can assume from the bare dockets is that a settlement was met and lightspeed pony’d up some dough. and search lightspeed under business name. bottom 2 cases are these (cannot link directly to dockets)
      i think the only lightspeed case left that they haven’t tried to dismiss the one in miami dade county court, which has been idle for almost a year…..if anyone in phx could get these dismissal judgements for us to read i am sure we would all be soo happy.

    2. Was great to read the support you guys had for me, I am Mr. Smith that went through this hell for what felt like years. I’m glad that people are out there looking out for innocent people and to stop others that try and bully them.
      Claire Suddath interviewed me over the phone a couple of times and wrote an amazing article about my whole experience. Its a very imformative read if you care to take the time.

      Thanks again

    3. This site was one of the first sites I stumbled across (from Clair’s article) and helped me start to look around for help. So you guys really did help on getting this case dismissed.

    4. on 7/11/13 in the miami dade case(13-2012-CA-005673) a FWOP notice was generated (for want of prosecution). so if i am reading the docket correctly the case will auto dismiss on 10/18/2013. this date also happens to be around the time that the statute of limitations will start kicking in for the ip’s involved in the complaint.

    5. The other Lightspeed case in miami dade (2011-34345-CA-01)had its FWOP hearing yesterday but I don’t see what happened. Basically, both of these cases haven’t had any activity in over a year…

    6. Case 2011-34345-CA-01 has now been dismissed For Want of Prosecution. It appears that no one showed up for the hearing and the case was automatically dismissed. I expect case 13-2012-CA-005673 to be similar dismissed at its FWOP hearing in October.

    7. As of fairly recently (will not mention exact date), the statue of limitations ran out for me. I am officially clean off that douchbags list. And I can honestly state that I did not do the things that my IP was credited with doing. May his soul, and the souls of all the other trolls suffer all their remaining days. That is my wish. May it be.

    8. On October 25, Anonymous posted the following.
      “Case 13-05673-CA-05 10/18/2013: ORDER: TO DISMISS FOR LACK OF PROSECUTION!”

      Can we assume and that the ’13-05673 CA 05′ was a typo instead of ’12-05673 CA 05′, and also can we assume that the trolls extortion efforts have now officially been ended for this case. The briefness of the message might still beg the question of finality to some. Could someone please verify and possibly elaborate further that it’s really over. Thanks.

    9. Actually, the right case number is 2012-5673-CA-01 but basically yes, the cases in Florida are now dismissed. Additionally, most everyone in these cases have now, or will soon pass the two year statute of limitations and cannot be prosecuted. I think it’s safe to say that Prenda is done in Florida.

    10. In the ILSD Lightspeed v. Comcast, et al sanctions proceedings (12-cv-889) on 1-29 Judge Herndon made the following order setting some new dates:

      ORDER re [107] Joint MOTION for Contempt , or in the Alternative, for an Order to Plaintiffs’ Counsel to Show Cause Why They Each Should Not be Held in Contempt filed by ComCast Cable Communications, LLC, Anthony Smith, SBC Internet Services, Inc., ComCast Corporate Representative #1. The defendants are DIRECTED to file a reply to [111] RESPONSE in Opposition filed by Paul Duffy on or before 2/6/2014. Further this matter is set for a Show Cause Hearing on 2/13/2014 at 09:00 AM in East St. Louis Courthouse before Chief Judge David R. Herndon. Signed by Chief Judge David R. Herndon on 1/29/2014. (kbl, )THIS TEXT ENTRY IS AN ORDER OF THE COURT. NO FURTHER DOCUMENTATION WILL BE MAILED.

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