Copyright Enforcement Group (CEG-TEK)

While CEG-TEK‘s lawyers do some “classing” copyright trolling, i.e. sue masses in frivolous bittorent lawsuits, this shakedown outfit specializes on sending small amount claims (as small as $200) to its victims and direct them to a payment site. This activity includes pursuing amateur sites that post copyrighted images and other shakedown activities in addition to targeting bittorent users. While this page is an appropriate place to discuss the lawsuits initiated by this troll group, attorney Rob Cashman has by far more expertise when it comes to the small amount claims please read multiple article about CEG-TEK by Rob and inquire advice there.


CEG-TEK has its own “expert” (not certified, of course) Jon Nicolini.

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  1. Have any of you who have the “six strike system” internet provider,
    gotten an email forwarded to settle a statement?

    If it is true that companies like Comcast just give you a warning with no forward,
    i can only assume that the subscriber has not even gotten to see a statement, which really does prove nothing happens

    • So is it that Malibu Media only represents x-art and ceg-tek basically “monitors” downloads of every other studio, sends a threat letter hoping to get paid and if not they just go about their business sending more letters in hopes of scaring people into contacting them and giving them money? When in reality nothing ever happens and they just feed off of people’s fear of a lawsuit…?

  2. If the CEG-TEK’s online settlement statements shows the same title repeated a few times, is this a duplicate or they are demanding a settlement for both upload and download?

    • More than likely – since I haven’t seen your notice and I’m just guessing, based on what I’ve gotten from them personally – the settlement statements for the same titles mean that they’ve monitored the file being shared on more than one occasion. I’ve received two notices on one title shared twice over a 3 day span.

  3. All deadlines have now passed. Still early to say much but I have heard nothing from Charter or our favorite scum bag Siegel. Still have the feeling this is a scam of some sort as previously discussed here. How I would love to meet that ass hole face to face. Just keeping my promise to post on this whole process for anyone else in the same boat I am. If it does go to court I will be in California in about three months so I may take a trip down to the scum bags place of business. One of the things I did in the military was find people so who knows…..

    • I just paid them $350 because I did not want a law suit. Was that the wrong thing to do? I’m lost please help!

      • If you can’t read over previous comments in this thread and do your own research to come to the conclusions regarding CEG that many others already have, nothing anybody says here is going to help you.

  4. @Chuck, hope you never get to see that asshole no’r deal with him, that’s the best wish I can wish for you my friend. I understand what you mean by meeting him, but hopefully out of court, lol. Good luck to you my friend, since I am in the same boat as you and nothing never happened, passed a month since deadline, nothing yet.

  5. What are the chances that lawsuit will actually be filed? I’ve heard a lot about how inactive CEG TEK has been but I’m still unsure about the possibilities of action from them.

    • Do you wake up every morning with a question “what chances are that I will be killed by a car today”? Well, not only the likelihood to be killed in a car crash is non-zero, it is significantly greater than a chance of scumbag Ira Siegel filing a lawsuit.

      Especially in your state.

  6. I just got an e-mail from Century Link this morning with an unbelievable amount of BS from these people. Something like 8 porn videos. And if I “settle” with them for 2k they’ll leave me alone. Then I go to my router and find that I can’t even block the web site thay claim I used to download all of this trash!

  7. I got a notice from Ira via my ISP. Notice for a porn movie downloaded by my son. He has downloaded a few things from Torrent. Not doing it anymore and all files have been deleted. Deadline for the porn movie download payment is 3/27, $250 due. I live in PA. Should I just sit and wait?

    • Hard to say my friend. I myself will fight to my last penny and then counter sue if it comes to it. Good luck!!!

  8. I stupidly called them. They said they will call back. What should I do? Do I need to respond their phone call? or just ignore that?

  9. Still waiting here in my home state. As stated I continue to post in the hopes of keeping the information flow going. It has been several months since the scum bag Siegel had Charter Cable forward me notices attempting to extort money. So far no subpoena for my information. So far so good I suppose. The fact that I know for a fact I have done nothing wrong still causes me a great deal of worry and aggravation. One good thing is the asshole has made no attempts to wreck his havoc were I live. No cases pending and no requests for IP information although some cases are starting to pop up. As stated I will continue to post and carry on the good fight.

    • Hey Chuck ! ! Did they ask you about the settlement money ? How much was the money they asked ? When was the last day for your settlement ? Have you received any email or letter from them thereafter ?

  10. How likely is it for CEG-TEK to sue someone in the same state, I’m northern CA and they are Southern CA

    so far all they have is my IP from the notice and the same IP confirming when I opened their links

    also what could I do to secure my network from people scanning my area for the IP (without using VPN or any of those services)

    • How likely is it for CEG-TEK to sue someone in the same state, I’m northern CA and they are Southern CA.

      The likelihood is between zero and slim. Ira is in a pure bluff business: harassment only, no lawsuits.

      • Will they follow up with a 2nd email? I’ve been told a 2nd email does not follow up all seeding activity has stopped from that IP…

        so far I deleted the video I’ve been caught for, and uninstalled utorrent. anything else I should delete? anything on my network I should configure?

  11. Ira has sent me a copyright infringement notice via my university for downloading copyrighted content via bittorrent..I have no idea about deadline to settle is May 11 2014..Should I Ignore the threat email?

      • Did you have a similar situation and ignored it? What were the consequences after the deadline of the settlement?

        • I did have a similar situation. A year and a half ago, I received two notices regarding two titles. Not knowing what I do now, I freaked out and even went so far as going to their site and entering the case #’s that were given to me. That’s when I started to research and I found this site, along with a few others, that detailed what these notices were. Over the course of three months, I received a total of 14 notices regarding three titles that were allegedly shared on seperate times over the course of a few weeks. My deadlines went up in February of last year and I have heard nothing and after researching CGI’s practices and the way this scam works, I don’t expect to.

  12. Thanks for the reply! I hope it was by CEG-TEK and you resided in the US when the infringement happened! And the notice was sent by Ira Seigel in your case!

    • I was told I can change and secure my network so CEG-TEK cannot scan me again

      So far I changed my SSID, the password to WPA2K, and enabled mac address filtering
      anything else I can do to secure my network without using a VPN (college internet)

      since I’ve done this and stopped all activity, how likely is it now that they will send a followup letter

      • None of that has anything to do with how they detect infringement, except for the “stopped all activity”. They aren’t war-driving through your neighborhood trying to connect to your home network via WiFi, they’re just monitoring swarms over plain old TCP/UDP.

        However, changing your home network security like that IS helpful when its someone else on your network who was doing the torrenting.

        • I realized I accidentally replied to a topic rather than starting a new one, sorry

          well all activity was stopped and no contact was made with them besides my roommate emailing them a week ago saying something along the lines of “I don’t know anything about this and I didn’t do it.”

          So far no reply to his email or anything.. deadline may30th.

  13. Please help. I got notice from CEG that includes 114 pages…about 3 movies downloaded multiple times that are listed on their “pay it” site for $2500 and then other music downloads. The CEG rep talked to me on the phone and said we can go from 10 to 6 total claims and if you agree to that it would go from $2500 to $1000. I said would this relieve ALL the 114 page report…and on the phone he said yes. I said could you send me that in writing. I then got an email which explained you only get 10 to 6. I wrote back and explained #1 – you first told me the $1000 would relieve ALL the 114 page report, now you say no. #2 – you said that the $1000 would somehow make all the 10 “movie cases” go away…and now your email seems to say it only reduces them from 10 to 6.

    What should I do? I was about to go to the site to pay the $1000 but it does not say that I won’t be then stuck for the remaining 4. And then there are looming the other music downloads to boot…CEG says they are not responsible for them. Will those rear their ugly head soon after this CEG thing?

    • Did you receive any DMCA notice from your ISP before receiving notice from CEG? How did CEG get your details without providing a subpoena to your ISP?

    • Sorry for the delay in response, I will point you to the top of this page.
      “While this page is an appropriate place to discuss the lawsuits initiated by this troll group, attorney Rob Cashman has by far more expertise when it comes to the small amount claims please read multiple article about CEG-TEK by Rob and inquire advice there. ”

      This is not legal advice, etc etc etc, I am not a lawyer I do not play one online.
      Mr. Cashman is well versed in CEG.
      Having already been in contact with them it might be more difficult in dealing with them.
      As, IIRC (opinion etc etc) they like to make offers of one price and pop more on later it would be very good to get someone who can advocate for you and settle the matter without any surprises.

      Take a deep breath, let it out.
      The world is not coming to an end.
      You are reacting in panic, and this is what they want.
      Unless the documents in your hands are from an actual court case naming you, you have a moment to take a breath.
      The only person who can/should give you legal advice is someone you are paying to help you.
      You need to make the decision that works for you.

      If you have been infringing copyrights, it is wrong you should stop.
      If you did not infringe the copyrights, there is nothing in the law requiring you to pay for the actions of a 3rd party.
      Either way please stop, take a breath, read the info linked at the top and do consider seeking real legal help to sort this out for you.

  14. I received a threat for the 4th time now from good old Ira and found out an interesting fact. He is the one posting the filmed content on p2p networks under the name MAXSPEED. working for Millennium Films gives him access with a camera to record then later publish to the sites. I got sick of downloading movie trailers that were in fact real, full movies and contacted DOJ on how, where, when and who was providing illegal content. Mr Seigel may be doing jail time if not out of a job before then. Will keep you posted of his demise

  15. I just received 4 notices via my ISP from CEG and Ira. Things appeared to have slowed down substantially since April, but now perhaps they are picking up again? After reading the notice on the Cashman Law website that ISPs seem to be not protecting identity anymore, I am concerned that the whole process of subpeona to get identities can be bypassed and my next notice might be a direct suit against me? My letter isn’t a lawsuit yet, but perhaps they are changing the way they go about doing things? Anyway, I wanted to post and see if there seems to be a fresh round of notices going out as there hasn’t been much activity here lately.

    • I’m in MN and my household just received a notice from charter with regard to 4 pornography films. My deadline is early december. I’m in the phase of researching and deciding what to do. My mother is the account holder so its a lame situations since I’m making decisions that will affect her more than myself. Part of me wants to forget it and see how things go, but at the same time I don’t want to end up causing my mother’s house to be searched and a bunch of stuff to be seized because a full lawsuit.

      • If it is Ira Siegel / CEG, at this moment I would recommend to relax and ignore: some trolls bark, some bite. CEG barks only: they are in a business of throwing tons of shit against the wall — some sticks. CEG stopped filing actual lawsuits long time ago.

        It doesn’t mean this can’t change in the future. If you find out that a lawsuit is filed against your IP address or you personally, this is a different game (but not the end of the world either: no one is going to seize your stuff).

        Again, at this point CEG is rather a toothless bully preying on those who freak out easily and do stupid things.

        Under no circumstances talk to the trolls directly, without an attorney.

        • Thanks for the reply. I figured everything is all good when I didnt see MN having a local rep for Ira. However, It is reassuring to hear that they haven’t filed a suit in awhile. And considering the total fee for the 4 hits is 1K…Thanks again, and to all who are behind this sites existence, it was surely the last place I looked for info before sticking with the decision to ignore, ensure BT traffic stops, and re-secure/update router.

        • I called charter today to ask them about this issue (my mothers request) This is what I found out:

          -Charter has no record of sending ANY e-mails concerning abuse.
          -They don’t even have an e-mail address for my mother on file.

          How are these CEG e-mails arriving in my moms inbox when she uses a yahoo e-mail acct that charter has no awareness of.

          Not looking for replies, just making this comment for possible future use 😉

      • Hey I’m in the same situation except it was only one video and my mom is the accountholder she has no idea this is going on. I’m scared to death about this its affecting my sleep and everything. What happened in your situation? Have you heard anything else from them?

  16. I received the email from CEG and I stupidly called them and leave my name and phone number. They threatened that I could never drop this and should never try to disappear. I was scared to death. However, after I checked almost all the comments here, I didn’t make the payment. It has been a month after the deadline for payment and I’ll all OK now. Now one call me, E-mail, anything. I consulted with my friends major in business law and they all think this is a scam and ask me just to ignore it.

  17. Same thing has happened with me. My mom, account holder, received 2 e-mails from our satellite ISP, wildblue/exede, on behalf of CEG TEK about 2 porn flicks that I actually did NOT download, I’ve heard of tube sites lol, but what really has me worried is that the people here who “promise to keep the thread updated” haven’t responded in quite some time and makes me think, gees they could be sitting in a prison cell at this point, ya know? Maybe I’m just acting overly optimistic for the worse, which I know is stupid, but I also know how big a deal piracy is. I’m also im TN though so nowhere close to CA. Any beneficial input would be greatly appreciated and thanks to all the readers and writers before and after this post.

    • Since I received my first notice from CEG TEK almost 3 years ago – I think I’ve gotten more than 25 in all between then and the time I got a torrent proxy a year and a half ago – I have heard nothing at all. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. And that was even after in a panic, like a few others did, entered two case numbers on their site regarding the first two notices that I got. These guys are running a scam, plain and simple. They want you to worry. They want you to freak out, because that’s how they make their money. Believe me, I did the same exact thing when I first got their notices. But nothing comes out of it, unless you make the next move in contacting them and essentially give them free money in response to their empty threats.

    • You’re not going to get a prison sentence for civil copyright infringement. Courts generally award $750 per infringed work, plus attorney’s fees, unless the defendant was doing something really dastardly. Besides, if they had been sending people to prison, there’d be records of it on PACER.

  18. I just got 2 notices today via comcast in CA. Did not get emails but letters/notice in the mail for 2 titles but each title has 3 copies each with a different case id.
    This is not an mail from Ceg-tek but refers to them and comcast indicating that my IP address has been reported and Comcast may decide to cancel my internet access if this continues.
    I have not gone to their website or called them (having read the blogs). I have deleted the 2 titles and removed bit-torrent from my laptop as well.
    At this time based on what what i am reading, planning to wait however reading some other blogs looks like they are asking around $250-$300 per notice even if they are for the same title.

    However, as like everyone else I am quite nervous about the whole thing and for fear of providing my identity to cek-tek not planning to visit their site, hence don’r know what the next step can be? or what should i do incase i do get a subsequent email or mail from ceg-tek.

    Any guidance or suggestions would be highly helpful.

  19. Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I just got a notice from my ISP claiming that 3 porn titles (TS Playground) were downloaded via BitTorrent on Dec 3 a little after 4pm. My wifi is password protected and no one was home at the time they are claiming this was downloaded. I was 30 miles away in a medical office with my son. Hubby was 20+ miles away at work. I sent an email back to my ISP regarding this info and also the information I had discovered regarding CEG TEK (I didn’t get passed the T before Google auto suggested the EK with scam, extortion and letter). If anything crazy happens I will post about it, but at this point I honestly don’t expect to hear anything further as I can prove no one was home to download anything.

  20. I AM SCARED TO DEATH! My ISP sent me 6 strike trough email, & if they get me again they are forced to turn off my internet! What will happen if they file a court case!? They only sent me a warning, I also know how they got my IP address! They got it from utorrent(peers) I should have used a VPN! What time can I wait till this goes away!? Is it possible to change IP address? I live in Wisconsin & my IP address is located at Kansas. Is this a big problem?

  21. It makes me feel a lot better to read everyone’s accounts about the small claims not being followed up. I received an email yesterday, two actually, about an infringement that supposedly happened last Monday….while I was 40 miles away at work. I filled out a form on their site with my name (first only), email and phone. I got a call today and got pretty loud with the man, who told me I needed to contact Charter’s Internet Abuse number to verify the claim. I wasn’t able to get a hold of that division but had called Charter last night and was told they wouldn’t send me an email like that. I told the man over the phone that there was no way I could have downloaded this file (I don’t use bittorrent, ever) and he flat out accused me of lying and we got into a “no it isn’t”, “yes it is” argument. I swore a bit and told him they had no evidence, that there was nothing illegal on my computer, and that I had no money to pay them with so it was pointless to try and accuse me. I refused to let him talk and continued on saying it wasn’t fair, with all the other stress in my life, that I should have to deal with false accusations like this; especially since I’ve been using computers and surfing the web since before I hit puberty and have NEVER had a problem like this. We eventually hang up on each other, with me in tears (yes my life has been very, very stressful lately and this scam on top of everything else caused me to snap a little).

    I’ve been worried since yesterday that they may follow up and try to sue me. I don’t want the stress of appearing in court and having someone possibly rip through all the files on my computer to find the file I supposedly downloaded. I’m in Washington state. Really hope Siegal holds true to his pattern and doesn’t file a lawsuit on me.

  22. I received the same email everyone is talking about yesterday from my Google fiber account. I called them this morning and they verified that they did in fact send me the email so it is legitimate. I, in a panic, called the number on the email and spoke to someone at CEG TEK. I basically told him I felt like I was being blackmailed into paying the $250.00. No one was on the computer at 2 am on the morning they say it occurred. My son did say that things popped up but he closed them and removed them from the computer right away. He said they hear that story all the time and they have proof that it happened. What should I do? Is this a scam? I live in Kansas City.

  23. @Sue, @scared to death: Relax you guys, nobody will sue you or take you to court, did it or not, just leave it alone. You don’t have to prove nothing to us, no’r to them. I was scared shitless almost a year ago, been writing here non stop on panic mode, contacted attorneys getting advise from them, and still today and on nobody ever sent me to court. Ceg-Tek trying to get some fast money and rip you off, that’s the type of business they’re getting rich off. I feel everybody’s pain when you receive the letter/mail, and I know for a couple of weeks all you’ll be thinking is how am I going to go through this, but It’ll go away and you’ll see nothing will happen, so do what you were doing in your life and take care of yourself not killing yourself stressing (that what I was doing) and you’ll see everything will be okay. I said before in case there is something new, or they(ceg-tek) send me any new letter, ill write here and let everybody know whats going on, but so far in February will be a year since they sent me emails, never nothing happened.
    God bless you all.

    • Yo Dee. Hope still all is well. any updates for your upcoming anniversary? I don’t understand that no lawyers in this country will stand up for the people and counter sue such scumbags to bankruptcy, so they will stop trolling others.

  24. CEG-TEK is still at this as of today, btw. In fact, they actually publish/post/host infringing material on the web with the hopes that they can catch your IP in a seed swarm they are part of. You will get warning letters emailed to your ISP BEFORE you even finish the download. I did, the file in question is only 37% complete. Pure $$ trolling.

  25. Ok I’ve been reading a lot of these comments and posts. I’m still not sure what to do, I got a letter today by my ips about a copyright infringement notice from ceg tek international. They are saying my account was used for posting, transmitted, or shared with other certain copyrighted material. They do not explain what it is in the letter, plus the time they said it happened was when everybody was still sleeping. What should I do?

  26. I received the same email. I contacted and they said it was a phishing scam and not to respond or send money.

  27. Are there any laws in this country that can prevent such scumbags from trolling people? Any lawyers wanna file a class action lawsuit against them for the people for harrassing and prying on people’s personal business? cuz if the answer is positive, i’m positive that many people who posted here would love to see such trolls being counter sued and pay.

  28. Hello everyone. I got an email from my ISP (Charter) last night titled Notice of Copyright Infrigement. The email had another section to it stating that porn was downloaded and that I needed to pay a settlement at, by mid-Feb. I did log into the website with the password that was given, but only to check the monetary fee. They are stating $300 per file! I didn’t pay anything, nor did I enter any of my credit card or personal information. I logged into the site using my cell phone and then closed the window once I saw the fee. I have also not called them or replied to them via email. The name at the bottom of the attachment was Ira Siegel and the company was Ceg-Tek International.

    1. Am I at risk of anything since I logged into the site from my cell phone?
    2. Will I go to jail or be fined 150K for not settling?
    3. What should I do next?
    4. Does the state that I reside in hurt me in anyway?

    If anyone can answer these questions, I would really appreciate it. I only slept 3 hours because of this last night. Can’t lie, I’m scared right now.

    • To answer your questions:

      1) No

      2) a) Nobody has gone to jail over any of these cases.
      b) In order to be fined, you have to ignore a court order to appear. In order to do that, a case has to be filed. CEG-TEK has not filed any cases in over 3 years.

      3) Nothing.

      4) Based on past history of CEG-TEK, I would say no.

      I know exactly how you feel, but you really have nothing to worry about. Like you, I was scared shitless when I got my first notice 3 years ago, and like you, I went to their website and entered the case #, but no personal information. (On a side note, I see that they’re wanting $300 per file now. Back when I got my notice, it was only $200.) As you can see by previous posts, fear and not knowing how these guys operate is what gets them paid, and not hauling you into court – since that costs money for them.

  29. I was just sent an email from my ISP (Charter) that E.A. Productions / Evil Angel got a hold of my IP address and that I am given the option to settle at by Mid Febuary. I have been trying to read up on who is “trolling” these days and haven’t found any information about this group. CEG TEK is the ones that are heading up this so I’m trying to get as much info as possible. I haven’t logged into the settlement website as I don’t want them knowing that I have received the email (plausible dependability maybe?) As Lance has asked prior to me:
    1. Will I go to jail or be fined 150K for not settling?
    2. What should I do next?
    3. Does the state that I reside in hurt me in anyway?

    I’m losing sleep over this as well and don’t need this on my record nor conscious. Any help would be a HUGE help.

    • To summarize what I posted for Lance….

      1) You will not go to jail. You mention that you have Charter as your ISP. Like it was mentioned in a previous post, Charter has stated that this is nothing more than a phishing scam and Charter will not release your information to these guys.

      2) Nothing.

      3) I doubt it.

      4) Yes, you should just ignore it. But take better precautions like making sure your wireless is locked down, stop downloading or if you decide to do it (no judgements), get yourself a torrent VPN.

  30. hi, my mom got an e-mail from our ISP forwarded from CEG notifying us of infrigement. They want $300 by late February.

    But after reading all of these posts I feel a lot better, I think we’re just going to ignore the settlement offer.

    However, I actually DID pirate what they claimed I did, and my mom knows that, so…can my ISP still shut off my internet and, more importantly, can CEG sue me?

    I feel like this is a different question than everyone else’s given the fact I’m actually guilty. I guess I could always just lie and say I didn’t pirate it.

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but; should I ignore them or not?

  31. I have an idea. has an option to request a callback. Overwhelm the mother-ers with fake requests. Case # should be 9 digits. Use phone numbers of other copyright trolls (Resources menu above). If you can find phone numbers of influential people… politicians, gangsters… even better. Make sure you use VPN or Tor Browser as your IP address may be logged. Spam’em!

  32. I received a forwarded email as well from Ira from Google fiber and mistakingly replied to the support email, I found out it was a roommate who did it but if I don’t do anything will we be ok? I’m in utah

  33. I rec’d email(s) from Charter with notice of infringement on behalf of Vivid Entertainment for a XXX download. The email from Charter stated to stop and remove the content immediately, but the email from CEG TEK (who supports Vivid) instructs to pay a fine. I foolishly opened up the link to CEG TEK and looked at the fine via my cell phone over my IP network so they perhaps have verified it. What do you suggest? Should i email Charter back and tell them i resolved the open network on my router, pay the fine or just ignore this. Thank you!

  34. I live in Canada and I got one of these settlement emails with a direct link from Ira Siegel/CEG. Does this change anything? Are the laws different in Canada? Am I more at risk than what I gather from the comments above?

    • BTW, does your email reference any fine amounts? If so, could you please share it with me (redacted, of course, and I’ll double check). Rightscorp recently was in hot water misleading Canadian recipients about the maximum fine amounts (relevant to US, but not applicable to Canada).

      • My email didn’t specify any amount, but I stupidly signed in to the direct link thing without researching this first and it was $150 for 1 vid in my case.

      • If you’re interested in the email text the relevant part says:

        E.A. Productions / Evil Angel is the sole and exclusive owner and distributor of the Work in Canada, and at no time have you, or anyone using your account, received authorization or consent to download or distribute Rights Owner’s exclusive property.

        Your ISP has forwarded this notice to you pursuant to provisions of the Canada Copyright Act.

        In Canada, the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution of Rights Owner’s Work is illegal and is subject to civil sanctions (with statutory damages of up to $5,000 or non-statutory damages that could be higher) and/or criminal sanctions, and is a violation of the Canada Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42). The recent amendments to the Copyright Act, which came into force on November 2012, have confirmed Rights Owner’s right to have its copyright protected in Canada.

        Moreover, such copying, performance and/or distribution of unauthorized works may also violate (i) the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, (ii) the Universal Copyright Convention, (iii) bilateral treaties with other countries (including Canada), and/or (iv) the copyright laws of Canada.

        If you have questions about your legal rights, you should consult with your own legal counsel (i.e., barrister, solicitor, lawyer, and/or attorney).


        • Thanks. Interesting… so they do tailor their shakedown emails for the Canadian market after the Rightscorp fiasco.

          Anyway, ignore all the communications from CEG TEK, and you’ll be fine. Some trolls do go after people, but not these clowns.

        • I also just received some emails regarding 4 files at $150 each for a total of $600. I’m also in Canada. After reading these comments I get that these guys are shakedown artists, but a lot of the legal jargon has me scared. The emails also have Ira’s name attached to it. Should I be worried? I do not know if Canada has laws that they could even pursue me under, but I do know that the maximum they could go after me for is $5000. Is there any other resource you think I should look at?

    • Hey Canadian

      I am from canada too. Did you pay? I just got a cegtek lettler and last date is may 5th. 2015

      Help.. :(((

  35. So after getting delivered my first ever letter from Ceg Tek (on behalf of Millennium Films, just fyi) and reading up on all the information about not logging into the site, not giving out personal info/etc, I contacted a much referred to copyright lawyer that I saw a lot of people suggesting on a number of different sites dealing with CEG TEK and this topic.

    Long story short, the lawyer’s fees would be $1,000 for them to handle the legal paperwork of filing/paying the settlement (the $300 or whatever settlement cost is would still come out of my pocket) and whatever other stuff their legal service would provide. Note, this is to use them to settle with CEG TEK, not take the case to court. Is this amount within the norm of similar lawyer fee/services of this situation from anyone else’s experience?

    Also in sickening hindsight, the lawyer started our initial consultation by getting my name, address, and case # (as per the CEG TEK email)…Did I completely screw myself over by giving out that info to said lawyer? I stress again, this lawyer seems to be recommended on several of these topic sites. Ugh.

    I do hear that Ira Siegel rarely does the suing himself, rather it would be the copyright holder company that does that, so when people on this thread say Ira hasn’t sued in recent years, that’s not saying much. At the moment I’m trying to find any personal testimony as to whether paying the $300 settlement anonymously (and keeping record of paying) would legally alleviate me any potential suit from the Millennium Films. Any input would be appreciated.

  36. I too live in Canada. I was also in such a panic about this that I made the mistake of paying for the first allegation. We have a lot of internet traffic and just as many users, so I figured that I would be unable to prove otherwise, so paid them to avoid court. Have I just screwed myself over as a target, or should I just ignore going forward? I’ve changed my router and wifi passwords, checked for any bittorrent programs to the best of my knowledge and contacted my ISP about my proactive steps in regards to securing my network. However I am still totally freaked, losing sleep and feel as though every move I make is being monitored on the net. What should I expect from here? Also, I’ve now received my second notice. I’m considering not paying but not certain. Any advice.

    • Don’t pay. Otherwise you’ll receive a third, forth etc. demand. This Mafia considers payment as a sign of weakness and continue “milking” people as long as they can.

      Since Ira & gang were ousted from CA courts in 2011/2012, they sued exactly 0 (zero) people. Why suing if a small percentage pay without any research?

  37. My sotry is not the same as others in this website, I have a little brother that uses my laptop when im not at school. One day when i was in school, my teacher calls me out and says that i was downlaoding a movie on school internet and CEG has written a letter to my teacher. I got a warning on my student record cause my litte brother downloaded a game and it was still seeding and on top of that i had to pay a settlement. Luckly, i didnt contact them or even login with the username and password they gived me. The only thing im scared of is that the chance of my shcool giving out my information. You guys are saying to ignore it and your provider wont give out your information, but in my case, CEG sent the letter to my school so i have no i dea if they will give my information away after the settlement period is over

  38. Just received my first as well in Canada last night through Distributel. I believe the amount is $225 and was rather close to paying it but may hold off a bit longer. I’m just a little nervous that if I pay, I’ll continue to receive more infringements.

  39. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know I am also in Canada. This company is making FALSE accusations about downloading things, they basically obtain your IP address from god knows where and then email your ISP abuse department. They tried to say I downloaded porn from bittorrent which I HAVE NEVER DOWNLOADED PORN IN MY LIFE FROM BITTORRENT lol. I have a roommate but he never did either. DO NOT PAY THEM !!!!! that is basically allowing them to try and take advantage of other people who are being falsely accused! I have email the CRTC, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the attorney general office in California to report this business. They said I downloaded it at 8:00AM EST…. I DONT EVEN WAKE UP TILL AFTER 10AM. Anyways DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE ILLEGALLY OBTAINING YOUR IP ADDRESSES IN AN ATTEMPT TO DEFRAUD PEOPLE!!!!!
    here is the email if anyone is interested I notice it looks strangely familiar to other peoples!
    Received: from ( [])
    by (8.14.3/8.13.5) with ESMTP id t21CJCaI029498
    for ; Sun, 1 Mar 2015 07:19:14 -0500
    Received: from localhost (localhost [])
    by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 553A1EB238
    for ; Sun, 1 Mar 2015 06:19:12 -0600 (CST)
    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/simple;;
    s=morpheus; t=1425212352;
    Date: 1 Mar 2015 06:19:12 -0500
    Subject: Notice of Copyright Infringement, Case #: C1199007
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    Importance: High
    X-Virus-Scanned: clamav-milter 0.96 at gecko
    X-Virus-Status: Clean

    Hash: SHA256

    ***NOTE TO START COMMUNICATIONS: Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 41.25 and 41.26 of the Canada Copyright Act, please electronically forward as soon as feasible the entire copyright infringement notice set forth below to the ACCOUNT HOLDER OF IP ADDRESS 108.170.***.** at 2015-01-29 08:09:09 North American Eastern Time and inform us on behalf of Rights Owner once it has been forwarded or (if applicable) the reason it was not possible for you to do so.***

    February 26, 2015

    IP ADDRESS 108.170.***.** at 2015-01-29 08:09:09 North American Eastern Time

    Re: Notice of Unauthorized Use of Copyright Owned by E.A. Productions / Evil Angel, Case #: C1199007

    This notice is intended solely for the primary Start Communications service account holder.

    CEG TEK International (“CEG”) is the agent for E.A. Productions / Evil Angel (hereinafter “Rights Owner”) whose address is 14141 Covello Street, Unit 8C, Van Nuys, CA 91405, US. All communications with E.A. Productions / Evil Angel with respect of this notice should be made to our attention as its agent. CEG’s contact information is shown below.

    Rights Owner owns all right, title and interest, including copyrights, in and to the work listed below (hereinafter the “Work”). (Some individuals may find certain words in titles of works to be offensive. CEG apologizes in advance if this is the case.) For independent confirmation that CEG is authorized to represent E.A. Productions / Evil Angel, please visit:

    Your Internet account has been identified as having been used in the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution, via peer-to-peer sharing, of the Work listed below. (Note that the time/date noted is the time/date that the unauthorized copying was identified. The actual downloading, copying, and/or distribution through your Internet account may have begun or occurred significantly earlier.)

    Work Title: Anal Perverts 3
    Copyright Owner: E.A. Productions / Evil Angel
    Unauthorized File Name: Anal Perverts 3 (540p)
    Unauthorized Hash: a82e4b8f2d933cbb8862cac9436aca8de05c5b10
    Unauthorized File Size: 2876154107
    Unauthorized Protocol: BitTorrent
    Timestamp: 2015-01-29 08:09:09 North American Eastern Time
    Unauthorized IP Address: 108.170.***.**
    Unauthorized Port: 47765

    The following files were included in the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution:
    File 1: Anal Perverts 3 (540p)/1 Carter Cruise.mp4
    File 2: Anal Perverts 3 (540p)/2 Riley Jenner.mp4
    File 3: Anal Perverts 3 (540p)/3 Roxanne Rae, Chase Ryder.mp4
    File 4: Anal Perverts 3 (540p)/4 Kimmy Lee, Daisy Ducati.mp4

    E.A. Productions / Evil Angel is the sole and exclusive owner and distributor of the Work in Canada, and at no time have you, or anyone using your account, received authorization or consent to download or distribute Rights Owner’s exclusive property.

    Your ISP has forwarded this notice to you pursuant to provisions of the Canada Copyright Act.

    In Canada, the unauthorized copying, performance, and/or distribution of Rights Owner’s Work is illegal and is subject to civil sanctions (with statutory damages of up to $5,000 or non-statutory damages that could be higher) and/or criminal sanctions, and is a violation of the Canada Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42). The recent amendments to the Copyright Act, which came into force on November 2012, have confirmed Rights Owner’s right to have its copyright protected in Canada.

    Moreover, such copying, performance and/or distribution of unauthorized works may also violate (i) the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, (ii) the Universal Copyright Convention, (iii) bilateral treaties with other countries (including Canada), and/or (iv) the copyright laws of Canada.

    If you have questions about your legal rights, you should consult with your own legal counsel (i.e., barrister, solicitor, lawyer, and/or attorney).


    You have until Saturday, March 28, 2015 to access the settlement offer and settle online. To access the settlement offer, please visit and enter Case #: *****07 and Password: kvq**. To access the settlement offer directly, please visit*****&p=k***

    If this matter is not resolved by the date shown above, the original settlement offer will no longer be an option and any future resolution may require an increased payment from you.

    In the event that Rights Owner proceeds with legal action against you, you will be required to produce all relevant documents, including electronic documents and files that bear on Rights Owner’s claim against you. Until this matter is resolved, whether by settlement or otherwise, we require you to accept this as written notice to preserve any and all hard drives or other means of electronic storage used with your above referenced IP address and to take no steps whatsoever to remove, erase, discard, conceal, destroy or delete from any means of electronic storage any evidence of piracy and/or other illegal or unauthorized downloading and distribution of Rights Owner’s Work.

    This notice is NOT a bill or invoice. It is a notice made on behalf of Rights Owner of (i) a potential claim against you and/or those who you have allowed access to your Internet account for infringement of the Rights Owner’s copyright in the Work, and (ii) an opportunity to completely resolve that claim now.


    Nothing contained or omitted from this correspondence is, or shall be deemed to be either a full statement of the facts or applicable law, an admission of any fact, or waiver or limitation of any of Rights Owner’s rights or remedies, all of which are specifically retained and reserved.

    The information in this notice is accurate. CEG has a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner complained of herein is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by operation of law. CEG and the undersigned declare under penalty of perjury, that CEG is authorized to act on behalf of E.A. Productions / Evil Angel.


    Ira M. Siegel, Esq.
    CEG Legal Counsel
    [Mr. Siegel is a lawyer admitted to practice law in California, United States of America.]

    CEG TEK International
    8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 515
    Beverly Hills, CA 90211
    United States of America

    Toll Free: +1-877-526-7974

    – —-Start ACNS XML


    CEG TEK International
    Ira M. Siegel, Esq.
    CEG TEK International, 8484 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 515, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

    Start Communications






    Anal Perverts 3
    Anal Perverts 3 (540p)


    Anal Perverts 3



    – —-End ACNS XML

    This is an automated email. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at +1-877-526-7974 or visit Replies sent to are not read.

    Version: GnuPG v2


    • Hi
      I have received the same email as this
      and you said you email it to CRTC, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the attorney general office in California
      So my question is did you receive any email back from CRTC, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the attorney general office in California
      please let us know what happen

  40. What is possibility that people over here only didnt get sued for not settling the offer. I downloaded the movie myself and next day I got notice from IRA SIEGEL via Distributel (Canada). What is latest in news about CEG ? I saw comments that CEG hasnt sued anyone in 3 years. any solid proof of that or can someone refer me where I can check myself ?

  41. just got 7 emails from bell here in Canada and was scared shitless until reading this blog,Thanks to all posters for sharing your stories about this Ira asshole I think I will go to bed and sleep now, don’t think I will be sending him any money Ever…….

  42. I also got one email for $250. Sooo I shouldnt be worried right? I live with my aunt and she was scared. We’re also poor so should I just ignore it? I dont want them to come back in my life years later. I’m an immigrant and I do not want to go to court..

  43. I am from America, And I receive a email from university telling me that a computing violation happened under my ip and there are forward email from CEG-TEK international representing other company to ask for copyright settlement fee. There are 3 cases, $300 for each one. I wonder should I pay the settlement fee. As it says if i do not pay the settlement fee, they will sue me. Is there similar situation? what’s their action and what’s the result for that?

    thank you so much

  44. Quick question for anyone down this far, I’m from Canada and recently received one of their emails, I tried to fill out the payment form before doing my research and realizing this is a scam, so they now have my name and email address. Should I be worried they might try to progress this at all or is it safe to ignore them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Hey I just got a email and did a panic call and left my name and phone number. Am I screwed ? Please help !!! In major panic mode.

  46. Been over a year and 3 months passed since Charter forwarded me their email of paying for downloading, never paid, never had another email/letter or anything like from Scumbag Ira, or from Ceg-Tek. For you “newbies” that just got the email/letter just ignore it, nothing going to happen. Stay safe, dont make them rich(er).

  47. Sooooo…..I should ignore them and not pay? They are expecting my call and i contacted them through a throwaway email. I’m thinking of changing my number beacuse i panicked and dropped my number but not my name. What are the chances i will not get a subpoena.

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