IO Group, Inc. v. John Doe (closed)

RFC Case Number: C-I11-245J
Court Case Number: 11-cv-00245-SS
File Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Plaintiff: IO Group, Inc.
Plaintiff Counsel: D. Gill Sperlein of The Law Office of D. Gill Sperlein
James O. Deegear, III of Deegear & Matthews, PLLC
Defendant: John Doe
Cause: 17:101 Copyright Infringement
Court: Texas Western District Court
Judge: Judge Sam Sparks

Case Details

ISP: EarthLink

Court Documents

All related documents are located on Scribd

Last docket: #8 (Dismissal with prejudice) filed 07/27/11.
Last checked for new dockets: 07/29/11

The case was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice by plaintiff on 07/27/11

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