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  1. technical question, whether i use internet explorer or feedDemon, it only shows me the 10 latest posts in the rss comments feed. Is there a way to fix that?

  2. Oh no– the trolls are going to have to spend an extra $50!

    New $50 Administrative Fee for Filing a Civil Action

    Effective May 1, 2013, pursuant to Judicial Conference Policy, all federal district courts will begin charging a $50 administrative fee for filing a civil action, suit or proceeding in a district court, in addition to the $350 filing fee. The administrative fee does not apply to persons granted in forma pauperis status under 28 U.S.C. § 1915.

  3. New fucking troll out there. BKGTH Productions files five suits in ILND today. Probably for their obviously shitty movie Bad Kids Go To Hell. Troll lawyer is Todd S. Parkhurst, Michael A. Hierl. All five suits are multiple Does. When do these jackasses learn that joinder is not proper?! At least we got that out of the Bellwether trial. Even before then joinder had all but disappeared. Looks like they just don’t give up. Looks like the movie is on NetFlix which begs the question who would download this tripe anyway?!

    • Parkhurst and Hierl are not new: seasoned douchebags from Chicago. A post about them is in my obscenely long backlog of post ideas.

  4. Has anyone heard of a copyright troll person going by the name of Aalewis on forums? This guy seems to be creating a somewhat reputation on the TorrentFreak forum. I don’t know if this guy is being genuine or is just someone out craving for attention. The guy admits in one recent article “copyright trolls like me work for charity to catch you freetards” see http://torrentfreak.com/ryushare-file-host-owner-arrested-cash-cars-motorcycles-seized-140414/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter . In a more recent article he then posts the following “I used to work for a copyright troll until I started feeling bad about it. I do the opposite now and go against copyright enforcement. Being a professional atheist is my career now.” see http://torrentfreak.com/vpn-proxy-working-check-torrent-ip-address-140419/ . And now today he post “great news” and links to the song Celebration by Cool and the Gang to some cloud site in an artilce about the shutting down of Megashare see http://torrentfreak.com/megashare-shutdown-hosting-problems-140421/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter. Someone in response stated that by linking to copyright without the copyright holders permission he is committing copyright infringement and that makes him a priate. No doubt the response given was to call him out on him being a copyright troll who was committing copyright infringement. In response Aalewis has said that linking to Warez was not illegal in the US and calling the person an insulting name. The person has replied stated that nothing was mentioed about Warez and the file in question linked to was the song Celebration by Cool and the Gang and that he is a pirate. Aalewis has not responed back to the person but when he does he will no doubt do his usual reponse of calling the person a liar or that they are an idiot or a retard or some other inusulting name that he likes to give.

    In another new article the (probably) same person called Aalewis out by saying that by linking to copyright without the copyrights holders permission that they can’t talk about abiding the law. see http://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-hits-historic-10-million-torrent-milestone-140421/ . Aalewis response was “Ha! That was my trap to get your ips. Not to mention you linked to the same thing as well. Checkmate freetards! 7 ip addresses I get to subpoena now Better get the lube ready ;)” Then when somone called him out on that his response was “Oh It’s real” and giving a link http://skidpaste.org/ESjwJcPv to some screen print of some copright infringment evidence page with a few IP addresses that claims to have infringed on the RIAA coppyright of Cool and the Gang. A couple of responses to that from one he got was that as he has admitted it to being a trap then the case will be dismissed and that by bringing a case he will have to provide his details and then when it is known as to who and where he is it is then hoped that people on the site and on other sites who he has peed off don’t find out as to who and where he lives. The other response was stating that he has shown that it is just a honeypot and that the case will be thrown out. Aalewis has not responded but when he does it will no doubt be something along the lines that will subpeona or if his response isn’t that it will no doubt be his usual response of calling the person an idot, a retard or probably some other rude insulting name he likes to give.

    Sorry for the long post but has anyone else come across this guy? Is the copyright troll really genuine for him or is he some person that likes to talk just for craving attention and trolling?

    • No. At very least not without a lawyer. Any answer can and will be used against you. If we are talking about Malibu Media, you’ll need a lawyer.

  5. An interesting development in The Netherlands.
    A company by the name of Belirex with a German connection representing ‘Inflagranti’ has been trying to obtain customer names and addresses from a Dutch cable company.

    The cable company in question (UPC) denied and Belirex sued.

    UPC won the case. The judge put doubt at who the actual copyright holder is, and if the ‘evidence’, which solely consisted of a list of IP addresses, actually consists of people who downloaded the copyrighted material.

    As far as I know, this is the first actual case where a troll has tried to obtain this kind of information through a Dutch court.

    If anyone is interested in more details, leave me a message.

  6. My ISP recently just got subpoenaed by Malibu. I’m in NJ and currently renting an apartment. Can I just move out of my apartment to avoid getting the summons later? What is the probability that they will devote resources to track me?

    • Regrettably, I don’t think that it will be that hard to track your new location. However, if you don’t have property, they may decide that you are not worth the effort, as they often do. It’s all about money.

      I’d suggest to go to your state page under Discussions and give a call to one or more attorneys listed there: majority (if not all) are willing to talk for free.

  7. I’ve received a notification from Ceg Tek via my ISP. Unfortunately, my internet is provided by Mediacom, and I have no other options at my location. Mediacom has a policy where they suspend your service after the 2nd “violation” and ban you for life after the 3rd, with no regard to validation of the infringement claims. Simply having 3 claims filed against you is worthy of a lifetime internet ban, effectively forcing me to physically move to a place that is serviced by more than one ISP. Now, I can file their fucking counterclaim to have the claim removed from my mediacom account, but that just sends me into the waiting arms of the copyright harvesting trolls. Do I have any recourse here? This seems like a lose-lose situation for me.

    Side-note: mediacom is hands down the WORST ISP in the country, for many more reasons than this one.

    • So is this your first notice? Or have you been suspended/banned? With this ISP you are better off not taking any risk with running a BT client. I would also ask them how long to they keep the notices in your account record. Ask if the notices eventually drop off after a set time period.

      DTD 🙂

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