Patrick Collins at al v Does 1-915 (11-37821-CA-22)

This page is for documents and information specific to this case only. In most cases, ideas and news are relevant to all the Florida PBD cases, so please do not fragment the discussion: comment on the parent thread.



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12 responses to ‘Patrick Collins at al v Does 1-915 (11-37821-CA-22)

  1. Finally, after more than a month, there is a new docket entry:

    Does anyone know what this means?

  2. Originally apart of this case and of course I’m not in FL.I’ve been told by a Collins goon that its been 120 days since he’s tried to contact me (left messages but I was at work so no direct calls) and I should seek counsel because they’ve got local counsel & assessed my assets esp since he’s not contacting me anymore. Anyone else received the same call/message?

  3. Same calls every few weeks or so. Haven’t ever answered and no letter. The docket has been rather empty. If you hover over the address change a fake site pops up. Not sure what that’s about.

    • Yeah, I’m getting a pop up thing called Text Enhance. It’s some stupid advertising thing that turns key words into links on just about every page I go to. Spent a few minutes googling it and trying to disable it, but no luck yet.

  4. Previous post pertains to 11-37821 ca22! Someone hit me back with an update regarding this particular case, please!

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