Nucorp v. Does 1-246 (11-42403-CA-06)

IMPORTANT: If you are part of a Florida Lawsuit, an example would be docket Nucorp vs Does 1-246 Docket: 11-42403-CA-06, or a similar then please read this carefully. I caution all the Does to act quickly and not let your ISP release your private info. If you are one of the Does considering handling this yourself with a motion to quash or some other pro se (without a lawyer) filing. Consider this:

Fla. R. Jud. Admin, Rule 2.515(b) stating that “[a] party who is not represented by an attorney shall sign any pleading or other paper and state the party’s address and telephone number, including area code” shall be stricken from the docket without the necessity of further action by this Court. Let me explain this in laymen’s terms:

In laymen’s terms, anything you file/send/say in your defense in this case will be totally ignored by this court if you do not sign your name, phone number and address. Since this “Pure Bill of Discovery” is all about finding out your identity, it would be useless to file a defense motion to keep your identity private if you have to give up your identity in the process! Even though the Plaintiff knows you don’t fall under Florida jurisdiction, they are mass grouping Does together just to get their information cheaply using this loophole.

All Does who are part of this case or similar cases with a timeline of Feb 20th or a date that has not yet past it’s deadline to file a motion should contact me via ONLY IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN FLORIDA. Don’t give me any personal info. I don’t want to know. Just tell me if you want to join the group of Does that wish to stay anonymous and how much you are able/willing to pay. I have found a good lawyer who is willing to work with us as a group to help defray the cost of defense.


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17 responses to ‘Nucorp v. Does 1-246 (11-42403-CA-06)

  1. I have received the subpoena for this case,I have received the subpoena for this case,
    I am not familiar with legal processes,
    What do we do from here? file a motion to quash?
    and how much would it be if it were to settle,
    Personally i think this is stupid that they do not provide any claims of how much they are wanting and just asking for our information.

    • Yesterday I received my first notice from my ISP that my IP address was included in a Miami Dade case 11-37821-CA-22 Patrick Collins vs John Does 1-915. After researching online I realized I had 2 options. Do nothing and wait for the calls, or file a motion to quash the subpoena before my ISP released my data. I am in the military (and definietly not a lawyer), and cannot afford to get my name dragged into a case that could affect my security clearance among other things.

      Following advice on here, I sought out an attorney to help me navigate the legaleze. I emailed the firm Lalchandani Simon PL ( last night, and received a call from both Kubs Lalchandani and Danny Simon this morning. After a long conversation (mostly me asking questions, oh and the consult was FREE), I decided to retain them to file the motion on my behalf. Since my ISP waited forever to send me the notice, I had very little time to file the motion. Also, not being a lawyer, I was worried about using a template to create a per se motion and getting myself into hot water if I screwed it up. Also I wanted to protect my anonymity without having to drive far away to mail the motion, or use a remailing service, etc. I know when I’m in over my head.

      Within 2-3 hours of retaining them as counsel, my motion was filed with the court, mailed to the Plaintiff’s attorney, and faxed to my ISP to protect my personal information! Within 20 hours of receipt of the letter I was protected from the release of my info! Their firm offers a flat fee service for handling troll cases which is MUCH less than the expected settlement amounts that I could have been facing. For my brothers and sisters in arms, these guys are very patriotic and willing to fight hard to protect your careers. Give them a chance to show you (as they did me) that they are the solution to your predicament. I would urge you to call for a free consult if nothing else to get the information you need to decide your course of action as we all are in different situations.

      This firm is representing 80-100 “Does” in Florida and has protected all of their info (as long as they were retained before the ISP released their info, others you’d ave to ask them about as I am not sure/didn’t ask about those since I’m not in that situation). Not ONE has had their info released. That is a good enough track record for me. Check out their site and the 5 R’s of dealing with trolls ( I hope this helps. Ask questions, I’ll answer as I can on here. Or just call these guys, and do so BEFORE your ISP has to turn over your data!!!

      • It's great that there was prompt help defending against the trolls.

        A couple of points of information:

        a. It's not usual that a responsible ISP will immediately put release of information on hold if notified by an attorney that an MTQ will be filed, even before receiving the full motion. But some ISP's legal departments or their agents are less responsive.

        b. Does in the military have some extra resources that may not be available to civilian Does. One troll lawyer acknowledged that his plaintiff routinely dismissed members of the military, politicians or celebrities.

        Trolls fear bad publicity. A troll trying to determine a service person's deployment dates could also be messing with security issues. A predatory troll plaintiff who is also unpatriotic would not be well received by a jury.

        There is also the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) that might make following through more difficult for a troll.

        Service members have previously (improperly) received allegations. In this thread, there’s some lawyer’s takes and a lawyer on the west coast who is a JAG reserve officer offered to discuss things with another military Doe:–inc–v–does-1-3-932–court-case-number–626931.html

        A civilian can guess how this might be sensitive to an alleged Doe in the military. Hundreds of thousands have already gotten allegations (many false), and some service members will receive things just as a percentage. While all Doe defendants deserve protection from the troll crap, those who serve the nation's defense would be an especially poor target for troll actions.

        • That was an EXCELLENT post. Thank you for clarifying what I had said (and correnting any mistakes) and putting way more info out there for the “Does” to research.

  2. thats the thing, it doesnt say, I don’t download any movies from internet, I have both hulu plus and netflix and rent from red box almost every other week. Spending almost $30 every month for movies I dont know why I am even getting sued.

  3. I’ve received the subpoena too. I do not torrent. Is nucorp just picking random ip addresses assigned to comcast and sending subpoenas to reveal the identities for extortion? How can they prove they are not doing that? Or, how can I prove I did not torrent. All this makes the whole case heavily biased towards Nucorp. There’s no sense in this.

    My rant aside, I saw bunch of other Nucorp vs Does cases. What is the status of those cases? How do these cases usually end?

  4. I’ve received this subpoena and have send an objection to the court and a copy to my ISP, but Nucorp has managed to obtain my personal info anyway.

    Is there anything I can do or is it already to late?

  5. I haven’t done anything regarding this case. I talked to someone on the phone once but haven’t answered any of their calls. Am I screwing myself over? Or will this be thrown out before it gets a damage point?

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