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Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

NicolettiFormer attorney Paul Nicoletti

Today, after deliberating for about 1.5 hours, a Detroit jury found a former porn copyright troll Paul Nicoletti (X-Art / Malibu Media) guilty on four counts of bank fraud. This prosecution was not related to Nicoletti’s porn trolling activity, although these events were not surprising: copyright trolling attracts all kinds of shady people.

Nicoletti was indicted in June 2015. After that, in what appears to be attempts to game the system, he managed to secure a delay after delay: I lost the count of judge’s orders to postpone trial and how many public defenders Nicoletti fired to buy more time.

I covered the indictment and subsequent events until I stopped about a year ago. If you are curious, you can fill the gaps by looking at the docket: you’ll find some interesting documents there (e.g., this one).

In this case the proverbial wheels of justice have been grinding particularly slow.

The sentencing was set to 9/24/2019.



On 5/29/2019, the Michigan Disciplinary board automatically suspended Nicoletti’s law license. In the meantime, Nicoletti stays defiant and plans to file a Rule 29(c) Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal.


The sentencing has been delayed till 12/12/2019.

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43 responses to ‘Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

  1. Hes a piece of garbage, wish the same would happen to Mary Schulz in Illinois, these are the lowest forms of life on earth

  2. Hi, Franziska. How’s Colette doing? Still claiming Nicoletti’s a star lawyer? My condolences to you and your employer having to settle for a slightly cheaper mansion. The horror!

  3. That Motion for Acquittal looks like he is getting all the ducks lined up for an appeal, would that stay the conviction and sentencing?

    glad Nicoletti, not taxpayers are paying for the latest new lawyer.

    A real sicko, still can’t man-up !

    • Still shows NO REMORSE, is devoted to gaming the system and ruing lives for pleasure. He and the Nicoletti family are the recipients of ill-gotten gains and laughing all the way to the bank

  4. Nicoletti is indeed a crook, a real slimball. He has cheated and defrauded almost everyone he has dealt with in his life including me. A real embarrassment to the legal profession if not to the human race. I look forward to attending his sentencing.

  5. Page 15 of Defendant Nicoletti’s Motion for Judgement of Acquittal states:
    “The government failed to establish any evidence that Mr. Nicoletti made any false statement, or knowingly conspired with anyone else to make such a false statement to Fifth Third Bank. The loan applications were submitted to Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. The transactions were all conducted with Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. The loans were funded by, at least from the borrows end, Fifth Third Mortgage Michigan. At no time, like the defendant in Perez Cebellos, did Mr. Nicoletti make any fraudulent representations to the bank.”

    Really, are these 2 relying on gullibility of Judge Victoria Roberts?

  6. WAS IT HACKED? What happened to the comment about dead squirrels on a porch?

    Just like hacked youtubes?

    As Nicoletti frequently said: “nothing will come of it.: and “you can always pay somebody something to do anything.”

    I FEEL THREATENED ! 1 of 2
    2 months ago

    During the course of events in dealings with Mr. Paul Nicoletti, these occurrences have happened and documented with either photos, police reports or conversations.

    Mr. Nicoletti told me many times, “you can always pay somebody something to do anything.” During the course of events, I have read multiple books on organized crime and the mob.
    Mr. Nicoletti charged close to $100,000 in attorney fees, threw the case, did not reveal the actual damage amount until after a settlement occurred; and then it was learned that he was also representing the culprit bricklayer Viviano in the case. Within a month after the settlement, Mr. Nicoletti purchased new real estate and paid off a mortgage without selling his residence just as the judge in the case did. The Nicoletti real estate transactions were titled in the name of Mary Ann, not Paul, thereby an appearance that Mr. Nicoletti is uncollectable.
    Mr. Nicoletti embezzled a $25,000 Frankenmuth insurance check through 5/3 Bank and bragged to another attorney they he got the entire whole settlement. He then went on to get a PPO to keep his 2 scammed clients apart not allowing them to attend church or court together. LINK BELOW

    Apparently, Mr Nicoletti doesn’t want his former client in the Judge Victoria Roberts court, as Judge Roberts said “you have every right to be here… but don’t talk to my staff,; however, all she did was ask a legitimate question to a public employee.” However, in the Judge Martha Anderson Court, Mr. Nicoletti obtained a person protection order prohibiting his scammed clients from associating including going to church or court together.

    I’m asking to modify it so Karen and I can attend court together, we’re friends, we attended church together prior to this PPO and I don’t think he [Nicoletti] has a right to violate our constitutional rights to say that we have to not have contact,” Dreilich said. “It’s just to protect himself from us testifying for each other. It’s absurd. It really is.”

    When Dreilich asked Judge Martha D. Anderson, who issued the order, the legal justification for prohibiting her from contacting Nicoletti’s former clients, the judge responded: “Based on the fact that I signed the personal protection order.”

    2 months ago

    See link below of the case where Mr. Nicoletti took about $100,000 in legal fees, threw the case and did not make his client whole!

    Nicoletti tried to obtain another bogus PPO from Judge Anderson, but his real intent was to create a false public record to intimidate his scammed client and affect her public sector employment.

    The latest threatening incident occurred during Mr. Nicoletti’s April 30 trial, property vandalized. Last Christmas there was an anonymous vulgar Christmas card, hundreds of logged phone calls with either silence or breathing on the line. During my court case, to groom me, Mr. Nicoletti would grab my hand and say he liked me. Mr. Nicoletti would also make this stupid tttsk sound when I walked by. Tree limbs have been pulled off 3 different trees. One newly planted tree was cut to the ground, There have been bullet holes in both home and car windows. At least twice, trucks tried to run me off the road. Multiple times cars parked on my street and when I walk out, they blink their lights, sometimes they start their car and pull up in my drive, and relatively new tires had nails pound in the side walls, a bogus defamation suit where his client was mimicked on the internet. There is more, but this is all I can recall from memory.


    With all the civil suits against him including a restraining order for sending his client’s business plans to competitors, the 5/3 case with a litany of ruined lives and indictments and as well as his 2 female clients who he scammed, and terrorized.

    Life is simple: Do what is right, do your best and do well unto others!


  7. Nicoletti sounds like a broken record as he continues to game the system with his convoluted legalese!

    His new sentencing date is THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2019 at 3 PM.

    The Honorable Judge Victoria Roberts should hold attorney Paul Nicoletti to a higher standard, especially since he is using his so-called legal training to make a fool of the court and waste task payer resources !

    The Assistant U.S. Attorney Weier, deserve,s at leas,t an award for patience for dealing with the Nicoletti and his litany of questionable legal representation! On second thought, Mr. Weier deserves a raise which should be funded by the Nicoletti and his flying monkeys who are recipients of his ill-gotten gains.

  8. Looks like Nicoletti’s latest attorney, Paul J. Stablein, is the latest mouth piece for Nicoletti’s redundant BS!.

    Bottom line, there was a conspiracy to commit bank fraud, there is No argument that the conspiracy did not occur!!

    Since there was a conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and monies were obtained as ill-gotten gains, then bank fraud occurred.

    Nicolett’s mantras “never give in” and “argue everything” are manifest in all Paul x2 pettifogging !

    They are continuing to make a fool of the Robert’s court!

  9. Nicolettii’s cons are unparalleled because of his masterly, inimitable ability to rip-off.

    Are all the Nicoletti’s laughing all the way to the bank as recipients of ill-gotten gains?

  10. Last thanksgiving with family as a free man!? Anyone have any speculation as to the sentencing?? Has anyone ran the guidelines???

  11. from Pacer

    Date Filed # Docket Text
    11/24/2019 Reset Deadlines/Hearings as to Paul Nicoletti: Sentencing reset for 1/30/2020 at 2:00 PM before District Judge Victoria A. Roberts in Courtroom 1080. Government’s sentencing memorandum or motion due: 1/9/2020; Defendant’s sentencing memorandum or motion due: 1/16/2020. (LVer) (Entered: 11/24/2019)

    • just another Nicoletti scheme!

      typical behavior delighting in manipulating, deceiving, causing problems for others. He has ruined so many lives to entertain himself.

      He likes himself, the best !

  12. “The feds allege Porn Lawyer Nicoletti was involved with two fraudulent loans. Two loans were for $2.66 million each and another loan for $3.57 million according to the indictment.”

    From Legal Profession Blog May 30, 2019 The Porn is not the problem

    This is not chump change, Sentencing should reflect the gravity of the crimes.

    Nicoletti’s phone conversation admitted, : I could get 5 years to Life.

    All the lives he has ruined for self gratification and to create an appearance of success.

    • Sunce he is a lawyer himself, he must know the punishment. But how is he able to prolong this? Why does the judge allow the manipulation and excuses? Aren’t our tax dollars paying for this? Does the judge not care about our hardworking tax dollars? Did the judge fall for his act of wanting to spend one more Christmas with his family? I doubt he cares about his family otherwise he probably wouldn’t have done this crime. He’s a loser!

  13. Nicoletti is again going to Florida with his mother from Dec 22 to Jan 3, which is where he went from Oct 22 to Oct 27.

    • Both times “for the purpose of accompanying his mother to her home.”

      Seems fishy, sounds like a vacation, how did she get back up to Michigan since he took her to Florida in Oct ?

      • Why does Paul get to spend Christmas with his mother, when he ruined my chance to enjoy my mother’s last Christmas ?

  14. Why isn’t his mother telling him to make all his victims whole and return his ill-gotten gains.
    Where do you think the father-of-the-brides got the money for those weddings? His daughters should be ashamed !
    His mother didn’t do a very good job of instilling integrity and values!

  15. He has completely manipulated his mother! She foolishly believes him as he goes through her money. His father would turn over in his grave knowing what a complete dirtbag he has turned into!

  16. The court should take into account the ruined lives, as well as the ill-gotten gains used for 2 weddings, cruises and other trips, paid off mortgages, new real estate purchases, and Mary Nicoletti now sitting pretty with assets in her name and so on!!!

    • Technically three weddings….. one daughter got left at the alter. Prob takes after her father and scared the poor guy away!!!

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