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Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

NicolettiFormer attorney Paul Nicoletti

Today, after deliberating for about 1.5 hours, a Detroit jury found a former porn copyright troll Paul Nicoletti (X-Art / Malibu Media) guilty on four counts of bank fraud. This prosecution was not related to Nicoletti’s porn trolling activity, although these events were not surprising: copyright trolling attracts all kinds of shady people.

Nicoletti was indicted in June 2015. After that, in what appears to be attempts to game the system, he managed to secure a delay after delay: I lost the count of judge’s orders to postpone trial and how many public defenders Nicoletti fired to buy more time.

I covered the indictment and subsequent events until I stopped about a year ago. If you are curious, you can fill the gaps by looking at the docket: you’ll find some interesting documents there (e.g., this one).

In this case the proverbial wheels of justice have been grinding particularly slow.

The sentencing was set to 9/24/2019.



On 5/29/2019, the Michigan Disciplinary board automatically suspended Nicoletti’s law license. In the meantime, Nicoletti stays defiant and plans to file a Rule 29(c) Motion for a Judgment of Acquittal.


The sentencing has been delayed till 12/12/2019.


Reset Deadlines/Hearings as to Paul Nicoletti: Sentencing reset for 1/30/2020 at 2:00 PM before District Judge Victoria A. Roberts in Courtroom 1080. Government’s sentencing memorandum or motion due: 1/9/2020; Defendant’s sentencing memorandum or motion due: 1/16/2020. (LVer)


Yesterday Paul Nicoletti was sentenced to 70 months in federal prison + 2 years of supervised release and has to pay $5.3 million in restitution.

DOJ press release
The Oakland press: Former attorney Paul Nicoletti sentenced for bogus mortgage scheme

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98 responses to ‘Former Malibu Media attorney Paul Nicoletti found guilty on four counts of bank fraud

  1. The Bureau of Prisons web site states there are 0 records for Paul Nicoletti

    There was a record for Paul Nicoletti until May 30, 2020 which stated “Not in BOP custody”

    The March 25, 2020 Judge Victoria Roberts Order extending Paul Nicoletti’s voluntary surrender to the Bureau of Prisons on June 1, 2020 .

    What does this say about the case, and the court system????

    How organized is this???

    • A search by name lists him under the number 55819-039. It says he is not in custody. I wonder if it’s yet another delay or maybe the court hasn’t updated their records.

      • this is what it used to say until may 30, then on June 1 this page went blank, I saved a screen print.

        Today, it is repopulated again.

        Register Number: 55819-039
        Age: 60
        Race: White
        Sex: Male
        Release Date: UNKNOWN

        Interestingly, A new Stip and Order was entered by Judge Victoria Roberts allowing Nicoletti’s voluntary surrender to the Bureau of Prisons from June 1 to August 31, 2020.

        Oddly, I guess this is effective in the arrears.

        There is no appeal for this case.

        Nicoletti continues to jerk around both Judge Roberts, and the US Attorneys office.

        This blob of DNA is a public nuisance, an undesirable, a threat to society, and other unmentionable terms!

  2. Ho Hum

    Nicoletti now filed a Motion for Reconsideration submitted by Attorney Stablein insinuating that Mr. Nicoletti doesn’t have funds to pay over $5,000,000.00 (that is over $5 Million). Where did all his ill-gotten gains go?

    At the time of the crime, Nicoletti’s real estate was titled under Mary Ann White Nicoletti who was also an officer in Continental Title. I would think she should be named as an unindicted co-conspirator as well as his flying monkey in this legal circus.

    He continues to make a mockery of the court system at tax payer expense.

    Towing companies in S.E. Michigan have been connected to organized crime and Nicoletti admits to working for a towing company

    Surprised Nicoletti wants to keep playing this charade instead of putting it behind him to get on with his life, He is creating such a public record for his kids, grand kids and so-on!

  3. These are NOT the court’s problems, they belong to Nicoletti.

    Cry me a River. He ruins lives for sport and money to create the appearance of success of the Nicolettis.

    Nicoletti stated on the record his family supports hm, (as they are the recipients of his ill-gotten gains.) Mary Nicoletti was a principal in the conduit of Continental Title and continues to support him as an un-indicted co-conspirator.

    It is common knowledge that the towing business in S.E. Michigan has the appearance of an organized crime syndicate.

    “The report also informed the Court that Mr. Nicoletti, working as a tow truck driver, earned $420.00 per week at the time of his sentencing.

    14. Mr. Nicoletti cannot make a payment of a lump sum immediate payment of $5,479,151.58. His inability to make such a large payment will undoubtedly put him in a position of being unable to comply with this Court’s judgment, and places him in the position of necessarily violating the conditions the Court has placed upon him as conditions of his supervised release.

  4. According to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals , Stablein’s representation ENDED on 3/4/20, yet Nicoletti’s Motion for Reconsideration entered into the record on 6/17/20 states it was “Respectfully submitted by Pal J. Stablein” P42544

    Could Nicoletti have authored this Motion himself and surreptitiously, used Stablen’s name, and why not his new attorneys from TN, Donald Capparella and Tyler Chance Yarbro his attorneys of record at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals?

    Is Nicoletti pettifogging by referencing a supervised release which is granted AFTER prison time according to the Federal Prison information?

    Attorney Party Type(s) Represented Representation End
    Weier, Craig A.
    Capparella, Donald
    Stablein, Paul J.
    Defendant-Appellant 03/04/2020
    Yarbro, Tyler Chance

  5. Page 6 Number 14

    Mr. Nicoletti cannot make a payment of alumpsum immediate payment of $5,479,151.58.His inability to make such a large payment will undoubtedly put him in the position of being unable to comply with this Court’s judgment, and places him in the position of necessarily violating the conditions the Court has placed upon him as conditions of his supervised release


    Click to access gov.uscourts.mied.302345.185.0.pdf

  6. Delays and more delays, neck surgery, COVID-19….. he was convicted in May 2019 yet doesn’t have to report to the Bureau of Prisons until Jan 1st 2021, another 19 months of freedom he doesn’t deserve. Now he wants to stay out of jail pending his appeal and says he can’t pay restitution and wants to pay ‘nominal amounts‘ whatever that means. Where did all the money go???

    • Where did all the money go???
      MaryAnn Nicoletti
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      Greater Detroit Area25 connections
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      Wayne State University
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      “I feel that life is a balance of holding on and letting go”. Life can be challenging and we all seem to be recovering from something. Maybe its time to share your pain with a professional, be heard and validated, so you can begin to heal.

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      *Narcissistic Personality
      *Oppositional Defiance
      *Peer Relationships
      *Relationship Issues
      *Self Esteem
      *Sexual Abuse
      *Sleep or Insomnia
      *Substance Use
      *Women’s Issues

      Mental Health:
      *Impulse Control Disorders
      *Mood Disorders
      *Personality Disorders
      *Thinking Disorders

      Faith: Christian

      Client Focus:

    SPECIAL ASSESSMENT: $400.00; RESTITUTION: $5,478,751,58

  8. 17. Mr. Nicoletti’s financial resources are minimal. He earns $420 per week…and will not, while incarcerated, be able to earn anything.

    Since Mr. Nicoletti pleads destitution who will be paying for his 2 upcoming vacations? Rhetorically, will it be from MaryAnn’s ill-gotten gains?

    Mr. Nicoletti will be going to Florida and later to Colorado, while not earning $420/week as a tow truck driver. Mr. Nicoletti argues that he should not be in prison due to COVID-19, yet he is allowed to travel by airplane (considered a flying petri dish for Covid-19) to Florida and Colorado. Florida is the 4th highest state with Covid-19 cases, and then on to Colorado which is in the top half of all states with active COVID cases, ranked 24 out of 50 states.

    Ranked 4/50 states
    Total cases: 245,511
    Total Deaths 4,197
    Active Cases 218,144
    Total Cases per 1M pop 11,850

    Ranked 24/50 states
    Total Cases: 36,591
    Total Deaths: 1,725
    Active Cases: 23,661
    Total Cases per 1M pop. 6,354

    • Nicoletti put on the record that his only income is $420 week from a towing company but did not produce income tax returns. Were these “under the table” earnings, and if so, was this an understatement?

      The record states his monthly income is about $1680 per month, but his monthly expenses are over %6,000 per month with an almost $5000 monthly deficit. What ever happened to living within one’s means? The new M.O. appears to be over-extending credit cards and then defaulting resulting in lawsuits where credit card companies are the losers.

      He also put on the record that his family supports him which would include all his dysfunctional, criminal behaviors manifesting in ill-gotten gains from which the Nicolettis benefited, including cruises, vacations, weddings, real estate and presumably much, much more.

  9. Judge Victoria Roberts sentenced Nicoletti, felon convicted for Millions of Dollar of bank fraud UNDER THE SENTENCING GUIDELINES IN May 2019.

    Repeatedly, the Roberts’ court has accommodated Nicoletti’s lack of interest in reporting to the Bureau of Prisons to begin his lighter than usual sentence for his crimes.

    Repeatedly, the Roberts’ court has accommodated Nicoletti’s veiled requests to take vacations.
    Now, the Roberts’ court has accommodated Nicoletti’s strategy to never pay restitution with a veiled attempt to accommodate the crumbs from his banquet table.

    Nicoletti has a history with lawless judges as his partners-in-crime!

    Ka-ching, Ka-ching!!!!

  10. Proverbs 15:27
    He who is greedy for unjust gain brings trouble on his household, but he who hates bribes will live.

  11. Sure looks like Judge Victoria Roberts is giving Crooked, disgusting Paul Nicoletti unlawful, preferential treatment, The bigger question is WHY. Nicoletti has a history of being involved with other lawless, corrupt judges. Ka-Ching, Ka-ching. or did his goombas pay a visit???

  12. The first symptom of stupidity is total lack of shame. – (Sigmund Freud)

    The biggest social danger is stupidity. – (Victor Hugo)

    When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead, but others feel the pain. The same thing happens when you’re stupid!

  13. Date Filed # Docket Text
    09/21/2020 188
    NOTICE of Filing Exhibits for Purposes of Appeal by United States of America as to Paul Nicoletti (Attachments: # 1 Exhibits) (Weier, Craig) (Entered: 09/21/2020)


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