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Please report news coverage of copyright tolls, good or bad, in the comments.

  1. Anonymous says:

    from tucson, az:
    seems like they are not taking a positive view on copyrighttrolls down there.

    protect yourself from copyrighttrolls:

    “tucson mom fights back”

    trolls target tucson mom:

  2. Paybackiscoming says:

    If the trolls try to use their swindle tactics in Tucson they may find out much to their surprise that Tucson and Phoenix share little in common. Without giving away too much info, I will say that I am involved in one of the cases listed in these forums and I happen to be friends with that reporter at KGUN 9. When it is my turn on the chopping block, a little bird tells me the trolls will regret they ever heard the name Tucson and then I will add to my wealth in ways I only dreamed of through the lottery.

    • Raul says:

      If Tammy Vo does a follow up piece she could interview partial owner of the Renegade Canteen, Troll Steven Goodhue, as well as his clients Steve Jones, Marilyn Graves and David Graves.

  3. Paybackiscoming says:

    The one I am friends with has a lot more clout than the street reporter. The 9 on your side piece does a tremendous amount of swaying public, and therefore, legal opinion here in Tucson. That is a gigantic flashlight on the troll operations, and one that will be extremely difficult to combat for them. But I would love to see them try anyway as the counterclaims they will get here will put them in a bad way I am sure. They may feel assured they are untouchable from large monetary claims but as we are well aware of from the US gov seizing monies, assets can be found and frozen, and they will be found. These trolls and their plaintiffs have assets that can be tapped. Once the public has had their eyes opened up to them and the outrage registered, the trolls will be on a massive retreat. Tucson will not work out well for them. Phoenix yes, but Tucson no. It is a terrible mistake to judge Arizona based only on looking at Phoenix.

  4. Anonymous says:

    In response to several Tucson and residents of other cities in Arizona being targeted by trolls, the Arizona AG is urging those who have been wrongly accused to file a complaint with his office.
    News Story:
    Link to Arizona AG’s – How to File a Complaint:

    • Anonymous says:

      lol next step : filing criminal pimping/pandering cases against AZ pornographers good job trolls way to get the attention of a state attorney general.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well porn production is illegal in Arizona. The AG just needed a reason to drop the hammer on these scumbags and he just found several. Felonies (class 5 and class 6) for anyone involved in the production process, prostitution charges for the “talent.” How talented do you have to be to stand and get a blowjob while filming it? I’ve found it doesn’t require much talent at all…not like I’ve done it just for fun or anything heh. Not to mention they’re (HDP) doing it in a house zoned for residential use. Violating zoing ordinances, making porn right down the road from a school. Wow, real upstanding individuals with morals and shit.

        All of the statutes outlined below:

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. They have the AZ Attorney General commenting on Copyright Trolls.


      Hi Paul, hi Steve!

    • SJD says:

      Just wrote a post about it.

  5. anon says:

    Arizona legislators and organizations like the Arizona Family Council, Center for Arizona Policy, the Goldwater Institute, the Alliance Defense Fund, and others are all obligated to demand that Arizona strengthen, and enforce OSHA laws immediately and send Big Pornography packing. Here’s some people to contact:

    US Senator John McCain (R)
    US Senator Jon Kyl (R)
    Rick Renzi (R) – Arizona’s 1st Congressional District
    Trent Franks (R) – Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District
    John Shadegg (R) – Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District
    Ed Pastor (D) – Arizona’s 4th Congressional District
    Harry Mitchell (D) – Arizona’s 5th Congressional District
    Jeffrey Flake (R) – Arizona’s 6th Congressional District
    Raul Grijalva (D) – Arizona’s 7th Congressional District
    Ron Barber (D) – Arizona’s 8th Congressional District

    Here’s a couple more interesting articles about porn in Arizona:

  6. anon says:

    Outside the industry, Mr. Jones and his wife, who manages the company’s books, maintain a low profile. When chatting with strangers at cocktail parties, Mr. Jones says that he’s in “Internet marketing” or “computer consulting.” The couple also don’t tell others in their posh Phoenix neighborhood what they do, and they keep some relatives in the dark.
    Lightspeed had to move his family once when one of his neighbors found out how he makes a living and word got around the neighborhood. Lightspeed doesn’t think they’ll have to move again, though, because they now live in a part of Phoenix where houses are far apart and he doesn’t know his neighbors. His children, he indicated, are too young to know about the family business, though he plans to clue them in when they’re older. His wife, Shannon, run the business from a guesthouse in their backyard. From an April, 2006 Wall Street Journal Article:

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah well so much for that. By “that” I mean their anonymity and their nice house, because we took their anonymity and Bart Huffman will take their house.

    • Anonymous says:

      …and Jones must’ve married some woman who’s seriously fucked up because no woman I’ve ever dated would ever allow me to do some messed up shit like what he does and she knows EVERYTHING. “Oh hey honey! I see there’s five naked 18 year olds in the pool…I’m gonna go get my nails done, love you!!”

  7. Factoid says:

    The key is to make this issue as absolutely public as possible. The more public it is the harder for the scumbags to run their extortion business. By keeping mum about this issue you actually help them perpetuate this crime. They asked for a war, so I say lets give them one.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t believe they asked for a war. I believe they expected us to just lie down and pay them. What a moronic expectation. If someone sends me a letter in the mail accusing me of something I didn’t and couldn’t have done, and says “Pay us $3400 by this date and it’ll go away” then they’ve catapulted themselves to the top of my shit list. I’m not alone, obviously. They may not have wanted a war but they got way more than a war.

  8. Anonymous says:

    crime inc’s new episode is going to be on piracy “Hollywood robbery” on Thursday, they tout is as “millions of dollars 1 illegal download at a time” i wounder if one of the jackass trolls will be praised/interviewed……maybe they will talk about the media company that owns cnet (cbs i think) that was the sole distributor of some downloading software…..they take it coming and going.

  9. doecumb says:

    Techdirt published a good description of the U.S. “Chamber of Commerce” tactics for a re-pooped, er, revised version of SOPA in 2013. The misrepresentation and fear mongering has begun.

  10. that anonymous coward says:

    I was reading the tweets and found something really funny Raul shared.

    Notice Marc Randazza claiming it is out of their control that they infringed upon copyrights, yet he argues in his own cases that even if you had nothing to do with it your responsible and owe him money for negligence.
    Hair splitting much?
    I guess it only matters to him when he is on the side making money.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, Randazza is the one always talking about owning up to your activities when he’s the plaintiff. When he (or his clients) are the defendant then he flips flops and uses all the arguments the Does do (i.e., we weren’t aware, we don’t have control, etc.). No wonder no one has respect for lawyers. Pick a side and stick to it. I may not agree with your stance, but I’d have a heck of a lot more respect for you. This just proves that the porn companies are in it for the money and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it and prevent paying it out.

      • that anonymous coward says:

        And if the allegations are true that they had stars lip syncing to the songs in promo materials that really cuts the legs out of the its not our fault it it was just in the background defense.

  11. Bob Kohn, whose Music Licensing text I studied over a decade ago, filed a five-page amicus brief in the form of a comic strip in the US District Court SDNY challenging the court’s ruling in favor of the US DOJ, in its suit against Apple et al., regarding’s e-book pricing and the impact of alleged illegal downloads. The cliche of the comic strip brief is to draw attention to the highly restrictive five-page limit the judge placed on the amicus. Very clever.

  12. Raul says:

    Here is a post that appeared in MLive covering Troll Nicoletti’s extortion scam in the Eastern District of Michigan

  13. antikosmos says:

    I’ve just read this Buzzfeed article about “The Pirates And Trolls Of Porn Valley” featuring a lot of Randazza’s pieces of wisdom.

    “Robocalls, that’s a bit unsavory,” said Marc Randazza, an intellectual property lawyer in Las Vegas who has both defended and sued individuals accused of unlawfully trading content. “They cut the cost of doing the case. It’s not how you practice law.”


    “I think it’s important for companies to bring these cases,” said Randazza, “Otherwise, there’s no disincentive to stealing.”


    “The IP address is like a license plate on a car. If the trunk is full of stolen goods, and if it isn’t the owner of the car who did it, who is it? Was the car stolen? Did the stolen car get used in the theft?” said Randazza. Cases should not be stopped, he said, just because IP addresses are not perfect identity markers.


    When Rand[a]zza represents porn studios, he says, he asks that they be comfortable seeing the action through, into a possibly expensive courtroom battle. As a result, his settlements usually reach five figures.


    Plus, as Randazza noted, some of the features that make the mass IP address investigations seem fraudulent are actually normal features of the law. The push to settle, he said, is a part of every civil suit: otherwise, the courtrooms would be jammed for years and the already-hurting porn studios would not survive to see their rewards.

    • Raul says:

      Randazza’s last point is wrong and he is knows it. Yes courts have an informal policy of encouraging settlements in the typical lawsuit. Troll lawsuits are atypical because there is no insurance policy to foot the bill. A homeowner can be sued for a ton of wrongs and his homeowners policy will cover it and provide him with a defense but not for alleged copyright infringement. This is when the unequality of the troll business model comes into play and the fucking trolls exploit this, it is a bullshit argument and asshat should be ashamed.

  14. SJD says:

    Phoenix-area investigations reveal shadowy porn industry.

    The article tells about someone named Jacob David Deakins who lured underage girls to his home to shoot porn clips. Then the author proceeds to discussing the legality of porn production in Arizona and mentions CP Productions and Hard Drive Productions. He even talks about copyright trolling lawsuits, that, despite the questionable legality, these companies are “not shy” in the federal court.

    I smell the crackdown on pornography production in Arizona, or at least a related public campaign, which is not good news for out “friends” CP Productions, HDP and Lightspeed in any rate. Funny thing that Prenda’s and the said pornographer’s combined greed brought this heat upon them, and although I refrain from discussing the legality of pornography production in US in general, I really want that that this heat melts these particular companies beyond repair.

  15. falcon789 says:

    BBC NEWS – Spotify: Metallica ends Napster feud with new deal

  16. Sausages says:

    Heard a teaser driving into work today for a report on “wink news now” (a CBS local station) for the local news this evening saying something along the lines of “Have a Wireless Router? You may be mistakenly dragged into a lawsuit .. and worst of all it involves porn!” and cut to a part of an interview with a woman stating, essentially, that ‘they expect you to just pay up because this could ruin your job, life, etc’.

    This is for SWFL, or FLMD however you prefer to think of it.

  17. Canipre Admits It's Behind Voltage-TekSavvy File Sharing Lawsuits With Speculative Invoicing Scheme says:

  18. It_Aint_Me_Babe says:

    This is pleasant to see. The FTC is looking at investigating Copyright Trolls:

  19. Upsetdoe says:

    Found this article on the Pietz Law Firm website. Sounds like a good day for anti-copyright-trolls! Sorry if it seems outdated or already been discussed.

  20. Trollvictim99 says:


  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks that got a legal threat unknowingly connected to a computer controlled by a copyright troll.

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