Raul on “Stupid America” radio show

Posted: September 4, 2012 by SJD in Community contributions, Press
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On August 7, 2012 our very own Raul made a live guest appearance on the Stupid America Internet radio show created and hosted by Jeremy Stillwagner. Raul was talking about… well, you know what he was talking about: copyright trolls, our sites (fightcopyrighttrolls.com and dietrolldie.com), why and how we help to destroy this mob-like “business.”

Regular readers of this site probably won’t hear anything new, but because the target audience of this show most likely never heard about the issue, and due to the host’s and Raul’s efforts, the program turned out to be very informative and easy to follow — “copyright trolling for dummies” I would say.

I recommend downloading the mp3 of this show and listening while driving, strolling or just sitting and staring at the wall. Send the link to your friends — so they would learn about the ongoing unprecedented abuse of the court system; spread the word.

Download this show.

  1. Raul: I listened to & enjoyed your entire radio interview. Excellent job! The public forum survives online.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Raul, you are the friggin man. Great job! Love to buy you a beer sometime.

  3. TxJenM says:

    And a star is born. Great job, Raul. Your interview was very informative and entertaining. I hope that everyone takes the time to listen, especially the new Does. Bravo!

  4. The Tod says:

    Raul is “taking it to the streets!” Great Job!

  5. SpanishDoe says:

    New Doe here and I immediately hit to the web and quickly found both sites. I also lucky to find this interview that was very informative. Thank you.

  6. JohnD says:

    Excellent Raul !!!

    Keep up the great work, we all appreciate it!!!

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